Monday, April 20, 2009

Yaay! I am an author at last....Almost Anyways :D

It’s been a busy past 20 days for me and it ain’t gonna get any better with exams coming up :( But hey I got my book printed :P ...Ok it does have the name of four people on it but hey my name’s on top :P …Doesn’t really mean my contribution’s more but still…I get to see my name on a book for the first time ….and doesn’t it look lovely ??

Yeah I know it’s just a final year project book but I am kinda very proud in a sense presenting it in front of …well the college only :D ॥I know that getting a real book published will kind of be like a distant dream but this one ain't that bad is it ?

P.S : Sorry abt the pic....Was so excited ..Took it ekdum jaldi mein :D

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  1. I know the feeling... it's great isn't it???


    Good luck champ!

  2. congrats, but you were luckythe last names are in alphabetical order, hihihi loooooooooool
    great blog by the way :)

  3. ah..this is wat m actually dying for!!
    mujhe bana hua chiyeee.but in finance!!

  4. Congratulations on bein published. It's a tiny tiny step :P

  5. project finish kar ke world victory waali feeling aati hai!!

    Jab viva hoga to mera naam leke jaana ..sab achha achha ho jayega..:D

    all the best for exams Anurag!!

  6. congos bro... party


    also write abt the marks u scored for the project work


  7. Yay! :D
    Congrats!!! :D

  8. Oooh...Congrats!!!! :D

    Mobile based student information system!!! Yeah...I totally get that!! That's what we were discussing over tea the other day!! (NOT!!!!)

  9. Still remember my project report :)

    Mobile based project would have been fun na.. We had developed a bluetooth game as one of our projects

  10. @ Warmsunshine

    Yes ..The feeling's great ..Got the BIG presentation this Sunday...
    Thanxs for your wishes :)

    @ LazyKing
    Welcome here....
    Yeah U said it right ..just that I didn't want to mention it on my post ;)
    Thanxs :)

    @ Twisted Elegance

    Thanxs Bro :)

  11. @ enchantinganki

    hmmm....Don't worry ....Your time will also come :)
    All the best :)

    @ Crowscious

    Thanxs Girl :)
    Well I didn't exactly get published ..but still :P

    @ The Pink Orchid

    Exactly ..U said it right ....

    Thanxs Orchid :)

  12. @ ChronicWriter(Chriz)

    Thanxs Bro :)
    Marks... I will get to know only in August mann :)

    @ Ki

    Thanxs Kirti :)

    @ Siya

    Thanxs :)

    Accha ....Mujhe bhi batana kya discuss kiya tha...Iss Sunday ko kaam aa jaye shayad ;) ... :D

    @ Urv

    Yes bro ..But guess it was more hardwork than fun for us which I guess has eventually worked out well in the end ...

    And Guess what ...Our project too has Bluetooth involved as the communication medium ...So It ain't really different from yours just that it's not a game :)

  13. "Warm Sunshine" kyun bola mujhe???? We're supposed to be frnds remember??? Don't get formal with me :@ Call me Mehreen... not warm sunshine!!

    btw... good luck!

  14. @ "Mehreen"

    Bas kya yaar....Woh kya hain naa ki Blogosphere mein thoda saa formal honaa padhtaa hain :P ....

    Ab Se mehreen :P

    Thank You :)

  15. i guess i'll be writing the same book in a few months time, when the placement season starts...:) I'll be an author too... yaay...

  16. hahaha

    abhey kya re.. ..certi page ka contents bhi BB ke front pe ha haha......crowded lag raha hai

    chal maje kar....mera kal hai:p

    wish me luck dood

  17. congo!!!! wow! ;-)

  18. hey that's supercool..go thank ur parents for naming u Anurag...its alphabetical order...and so ur on top :P

    congrats :D
    computer engineering?? teach me something naa :O :((


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