Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Final Days

Yaaay Yaaay Yaaay....My Assignments and writeups in my whole of engineering life are 95 % complete.That means no more of that Mindless and continous writing,writing and more writing.After 10 odd days my "Great" College will give a farewell which will be almost like saying.."Jaa 4 saal bahut jhel liya tujhe ..Abb Nikal yahaan se" :D .But It would mean the end of a roller coaster journey of mine with so many up's and down's. Our exams dates were announced yesterday and it's on the 15'th of May ....*Sigh* ...But just 4 more papers to go and then after 4 months or so I will be known as Er.Anurag ....I am kinda roflmaoing right now on that thought :D
But guys whatever you say ....College Days are special ...I don't know how many of you have heard of the song "College days" by an artist called Gaurav।I certainly hadn't till about a week ago।It just sums up my whole engg life and I am sure other Mumbai University Engineers who are gonna pass out this year...Just wanted to share that song here....

Kab Milenge na jaane hum
yaaron phirse sabhi
Laut kar ab naa aayenge
woh masti bhare din kabhi
Ho dil yeh apna kahe ki aye dostonnnnn
I am really gonna miss this place
I am gonna miss my college days

Yaad hai woh saare lectures
humne jo bunk kiye the
Proxy ka pakda jaana
Lafde kya kam kiye the

Milke likhna woh journals
aur submissions last minute pe
exams ki woh tayyari
aur likhna woh teen ghante
Aur Baahar aakar woh kehna
"Saala kya Bekaar paper set kiya tha yaar"

Milta 1st class kabhi yahaan
toh lagti thi KT kabhi
Laut kar ab naa aayenge
woh masti bhare din kabhi
Ho dil yeh apna kahe ki aye doston

Yaad aayegenge teachers
humko dil se hamesha
yaad aayegaa ye campus
aur iski apni duniya
Ho yaad aayegaa hamesha ye aashiyaan

oh... I am really gonna miss this place
I am gonna miss my college days. :)

For it's Video click here


  1. :-(((((((((


    nah ruia nah,
    mat karna mujhe pass :(


  2. you made me cry.. :(((((((

  3. even i have just one more year left..sob sob! :-(

    btw that song by Gaurav is nice!:-)

  4. I sooo understand this! Im graduating too but some how im more excited than sad! I dont know what?

  5. I have heard the song before but since I have another year of college left, I can't really empathise... :P

  6. awww really nostalgic.... my college days just passed b4 my eyes... it's such a touching post! :)

  7. @ Express

    You have to .... No Choice :(
    You want to fail?? ..Well that's your choice :D

    @ The PInk Orchid

    Ohh I am sorry ...But I am sure those were khushi ke Nostalgic aasooon :D

    @ Neha

    Enjoy your last Year ...Nothing better than final year :)

    @ R.V

    Intresting ..Yeah on second thoughts I am excited too :D

    @ ki

    I Understand and you will too....After a year :)

    @ Warmsunshine

    Thanxs Mehreen :)

  8. add your college fun pictures.

  9. I still have a year to go.. and I know the year will just woosh by... why should college life ever end... I don't want it to...:(

  10. Wow!! Ur studies are over!! Kitna awesome hai!! :)

    Haven't heard the song..nice lyrics!

  11. Wow!! Ur studies are over!! Kitna awesome hai!! :)

    Haven't heard the song..nice lyrics!

  12. hi anurag... first time here. loved your style of writing. funny and witty and touching.. hope to keep coming back for more :)
    take care. do visit...

  13. Yeah I have heard this song before.. Its so simple n beautiful.. Wets my eyes everytime I hear it..

  14. Yes!!!! Now that I have seen it.. I agree with Little girl Lost.. foe her award to you. .. An engineer whose left brain also works!! Hmm.. well.. mb I have a soft corner for you..LOL but I agree with her.. after reading with a few older post of yours..!!


  15. Ummmm... i'm sorry for all this confusion Anurag. the anurag i referred to in my award post is a different guy.
    however though i'm new here and have only recently started reading your blog, i want you to know that i love it very very much, and i am very much looking forward to awarding you the very next time i get another one :)
    waiting for your next post...
    by the way, new post! come and see :)

  16. ahhh.. well I guess.. it happens in life my dear.. in my office I have myself given a promotion letter to someone and taken it back in one hour.. [on feedback from higher ups] and I have also seen mixup of names saving people.. rbr Terminator? The NO-1 ONE? Arnold killed all the wrong ones ? and by that time the real one gets saved?? So do not feel sad.. u can be lucky that way!

    But I give you my award here.. ur site is good real good! But then Little Girl has to choose one above another.. After all hey she chose over mine too na? (hehe.. no no little girl pls do not give me any award.. this is NOT a signal for you.. bcs i will not have time to follow all the rules of the game really!! ]

  17. Ohh Grt now I hv a fight cum conversation onn ..on my blog :D

    Award Award ..I anyways Like it :D

  18. Lol! Nah no fighting but only conversation.. and that is only because of this Loveable girl Little..

    ......whatever you may say let. us accept.. you and I are both males.. so we do need to care for the girls eh!! hmm! Ahh.. no shame on revealing inner thoughts.. kya luka chupi luka chupi!! itni si chotti zindagi main! ~~

    ThnK God that u came online !!


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