Monday, April 13, 2009

Dear Ladies

Ok I just may sound a li’l rude with this post but this thing just infuriates me whenever I walk down any street। It seems to happen all the time. The Growing population doesn’t help my case either but sometimes …just sometimes the nature of the opposite sex just fails to amaze me….to put it straight it gets on my nerves. Yes, may be it’s me who’s the culprit here but ladies isn’t the thing which I am going to rant about your own “fault”??

Now I am a fast walker…a really fast walker on the street। And it ain’t my fault...I want to reach the comfort of my house (read: in this Hot N Humid weather) as quickly as possible। The streets as you know are crowded as they are in any part of India and I am sane enough to understand that I won’t be able to walk as fast as I want to because of that। But one can also make space for oneself if he/she wants to and I do have the ability to that. But then …the But(t) comes in :D

“Ehh… woh salwar kameez dekh naa …kitni acchi lag rahi hain naa”

“Ohh Monty ...Ek franky khayegaa Franky”

Now I know you wd say …I should have the ability to say something like “Excuse me” or “side plzz” and all that crap but you wouldn’t say that when you walk. Would you?? And when I say walk ...”Walk really fast” :P.. I mean it’s unbelievable how slow girls walk ..It really is and that too in a crowded street :P….And the Window shopping doesn’t help either…If it would have been a guy I would just shoved him off but since it’s the opposite sex walking in front of me and walking at a snail’s pace. I just let it be.

So ladies...Next time U see a fast walker like me walking ……Just clear the path and let the trespasser pass by…I hope I was not rude in this post ….or was I :P …Baah I don’t care :D

Listening to: Who let the dogs out ~~ Baha Men
Got a lot of memories attached to this song …Reliving those :)


  1. Hehe! You'll hate me then! I'm slow AND I walk 'tedha'! :P

  2. ur long legs! why do u wanna sweat more in this hot summer??!

    and blame vashi ka palti galiya man! hum kya kare! walk on the road if u wanna surpass the public!

    I do that :D

  3. rude!! :)

    you can very politely say excuse me.. they'll be more than happy to leave way for you.. :)

  4. crowd,not in my city.
    live in some other city peacefully,or dont worry u will get fast walking gals like me...amen!

  5. Haha..Nice post! I'm a real fast walker too!! Although my brother complains that I walk diagonal..and keep bumping into him!! I don't know..he's mad!! :P

  6. :) I was grinning widely by the time I finished ur post... am a fast walker myself and I am totally tuned in to your exasperations... I almost feel like a biker moving through immovable poles on the roads, zig-zagging through them!!!

  7. @ ki

    hehe...No re Atleast U "Walk"....Some ppl just stop! That gets on my nerves :P

    @ Express

    I mean we do hv to walk anyways no! :P
    And Yes Walking on the roads is a nice suggestion :)

    @ The Pink Orchid

    Hehe ..Sorry if I sounded rude...but yaar jab fast chalte hain tab woh sab kehne ka time nahin milta :P .. :D

  8. @ Enchantinganki

    wow...A nice comment tht...I so wish ..btw whr do u live :D
    intresting display name btw :P

    @ Siya

    Thanxs :) ...Jeez I am getting all the fast walkers to comment here ....Is my theory of girls walking slow all wrong :P.....U walk Diagonal ..Okk :P

    @ Dewdrop

    Yes ..U r exactly like me then as far as walking goes :P

    And Thanxs..I like the first line of your comment...Tht's what I always intend to do with my posts :)

  9. Le... now I am not an exception![-(

    Bola tha na girls fadegi... :D Btw where exactly did you have to face this problem? I mean I don't think you ever go shopping... toh Crawford market etc are ruled out! Then WHERE???

  10. at times like this you happen to bump into your dream girl... you will find your mayte soon.. all the best bro

  11. @ akansha

    Before replying I just want to say(coz ppl read comments too :P) tht I had asked akansha whether this post wd be rude or not and she had said yes ....the girls wd be right at me...

    But I don't think anybody was here ...They were nice to me ;)..So yeah kissine nahin faadi meri :P

    And no I was returning from my college and everything doesn't have to do with shopping all the time u know :P

    @ The Chronic Writer

    I really like the way you think ...As I once said .."You are the man dude" :D

    Well it would be extremely filmy if that were to happen but yeah one cannot rule that out ;)
    The search continues and I hope I do find someone in tht manner :P....
    Thanxs dude :)

  12. ........& sply if the lady has a big butt.. when you are walking behind her!!

  13. @Anurag
    If you're telling the story, tell it truthfully, I said it is NOT rude, BUT the girls will be at you... but yeah, no fireworks as yet... ;)

  14. try borrowing a superman outfit.. and u will be spared of all the doggedness ;)

  15. Well, I think I wanted to tell a few of the LADIES the same thing ... hope next time they see me, they just clear it up!!

    I'm still enjoying my vacation. Spent sometime in writing this story. want you to read it and tell me how it is. Hope you like it.

    Mistake: A Scary reason @ Thus Wrote Tan!

  16. To tell you the truth, I'm a fast walker too! My friends say that i walk as if i belong to a different ! super-human!
    Maybe I'll beat you at your own game...what say? Make way, Mistah! haha!

  17. @ ShantanuDas

    err..May be I'll skip that one :P

    @ Akansha

    Point taken ...

    @ Urv

    Haha....Do you think that's gonna work :D
    But I like the way u think ...A chriz type comment that :D

    @ Tan

    Tan Sir...Ssup? First time on my blog ehh ?...Welcome Welcome...
    And yeah hopefully it works...
    Okk..Hope u had a nice time ...I so want to read your story

    *Hops skips and jumps to tan dada's blog*:D

    @ Pavitra

    U a fast walker too...Damn!
    U want to have a competiton ....What abt the Mumbai Marathon ehh ....Just that we will compete in who walks faster in it :P..What say :D ??

  18. yes better skip something like this.. ;-)

  19. Ahh, street etiquette. Imagine going to the other side of the world where people walk fast (or slow) and on other sides of the footpath! I feel the same on escalators; if you want to push past me, why not take the stairs, lol.

  20. U can't help it man!afterall they like to flaunt their assets,be it anywhere...


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