Friday, May 15, 2009

Two....Two .. Twenty Two...Damn!

I will be turning 22 tomorrow. It feels insane really …22? I mean I used to read in the papers headlines like “A 22 year old man held for possession of drugs” or something like a 22 year old man held in a rape case and I used to ask myself ….Jeez 22 …And here I am… Ha! May be I wish I had a few inches more…May be a 5’10 me being 6’ would have given me a reassurance.

But there still is a feeling of a teenager….Perhaps even a child in me. But I know for a fact that it has to go…and go quickly. I will probably be taken even more seriously tomorrow as another year passes by. It’s amazing really how a year just whooshes past us without us blinking an eyelid. The other day I read a news story where it said a 22 year old man was held for harassing his wife…whaat? 22?? And He was married! Well doesn’t quite mean that I would do the same but just shows how old the number is :P

I believe though that age whatever it may be is a number afterall. What you feel like is all in the mind. And that should be your real age. But the fact that this child in me has to turn into a man will be a little hard transition to make. But as the Spiderman movie dialogue goes…With great power comes great responsibilities or the saying which goes like "A man has to do what a man has to do" will probably make my transition easier…that’s what’s gonna change from now on I guess… The responsibilities…that will come on this "Kamzor Kandha"( Weak Shoulder) :P

So as my engineering comes to an end. It’s time for me to turn into a pro …Give up my T’s and get into those proper shirts...Eww :P Take all the responsibilities and face it head on. And probably know the outside world in a much broader way.

Happy Birthday Anurag …You really have turned into a 22 year old boy …err….MAN! Damn! :D

*Gifts Everyone on Blogger a Mango Bite*
Sorry People...Recession you see :D

Listening to :-> I like to move it. -> Erick Morillo…From the Madagascar Movie… Love the last line from the song

"Now bad eh? ...I like it" :D :D


  1. Advanced birthday wishes to you Anurag.. wow! some very thoughtful realizations I say.. :) All my best wishes are with you.. :)

  2. hey Happy Birthday in advance Anurag...!!
    Don't'll do great..!!
    Best Wishes... :)

  3. happy budday...

    have a great day...and finishing engg in the age of 22yr is great!!

  4. happy happy birthday..

    getting older is good in one way and has its negatives too...

    sania mirza is 22 too ?

    dunno abt it but have fun

    god bless you anurag.. may you have many many more wonderful blogging years


  5. Happy birthday re... Don't worry, when i turned 23, i was like, WHAT? So i'm a proper adult now? And no way, i dont think anyone feels any older than like 18 or something so don't worry :)

  6. Today is im only one hour late :(
    happy birthday!! Taurean bhai!! :D
    ur only 22 :O u look 19 or 20 from ur pics :D chin up now :D
    and congrats on becoming an engineer...*whistles* :P
    thanks, i like mango bites :D

    this post made u sound so much like me...even i decided i will grow up and act my age and all that jazz...when i turned 20 :P but the child in me refuses to die..its true..ur age is what u feel grandpa is 86 yrs old and..he hardly has any major ailments..and he is always jumping around...and he has a crush on deepika :( meri kismat dekho...i like ranbir and my grandpa chooses deepika :((
    zyada lamba comment ho gaya :-s read a blog after so long, and especially lovedddddd this post...coz its a happy b'day aur happy wala post....and i dont want u to say that u sound old and u hv to shoulder responsibilites on ur kandhe n all X-( be cool che...
    p.s- ur examples in 1st paragraph were hilarous =))
    happy birthday once again >:D< :) :D


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