Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Return of 55 fiction

When one is going through what is called as "A Writer's block", one should always go back to what is simple and kind of easy to write.

So here's another 55'er for you :)

He sat there engulfed in his own thoughts.

He closed his eyes and thought about his decision again.

His family felt dejected and perhaps rightly so, he thought.

Your university rank would be a sheer waste”, his mother shouted.

But he had taken a final call

He was joining the Indian army.

In U.S or in U.K ...Joining the army is a matter of pride ...Sadly that's diminishing in our country ... :(

P.S: My Group Blog celebrated it's 1'st Birthday 10 days ago and I had written a nice li'l poem for it...Hope you guys like it :)

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  1. Wah wha wah! Maine toh faltoo sa suggestion diya tha, you've written something extraordinary!!! :D

    Nalla irruku :D

  2. hey this is the first time im visiting you...

    great post... wonderfully written..we had a few ppl in our family who were in the army... :)

  3. 55 fiction being simple and easy?? omg omg! some modesty.. and are really good at it... Joining the army should be taken with pride..

  4. oye nice work there... :)
    i wanted to join the army. will make sure i throw someone in my future family in the army..
    arre tum to jobless ho..join sure there won't be recession there \:D/

  5. You are right! It really used to be a matter of pride !! I wanted to join in Airforce too !! Ghar main logon ne mana kar diya !!! Like the character in ur story I was not in a position to take my determined step towards the final call !!!


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