Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Okay strangely I am not able to think of what to post... So here is something which I wanted to include as a “p.s” on a post that I had written earlier but couldn’t due to some or the other reason. These are random pics clicked by yours truly when he was busy doing nothing :D

Picture 1

Waiting for the train to arrive can be one of the most boring if not the most boring things one could imagine...i.e. when one has arrived 2 hours before the scheduled time of departure :P :P…and at that time, a nap doesn’t help either. So Thivim station in Goa it was when my roving eye fell to this marvel right here. Yeah this is the reality of the Indian stations. And there is no one to fix it too… I am damn sure it’s in a similar state as of now…*Sigh*

Picture 2

Yeah...It ain't a comfortable pic I know :D...but I am not sure about your house but the surroundings of my house are full of pigeons. These have entered my house zillions of times. And yes they have done this too. I don’t know what to say here ...”Bechare" plants or "Bechari" pigeon …Next day the egg was not to be found …Guess either a crow or something else might have poached in...Yeah it was sad…but what can one do really? It doesn’t quite happen now but it’s not that it cannot happen again …Any Solutions people ?


  1. I don't like pigeons :X

  2. You can find one pigeon with her eggs in my balcony also!!

  3. Ah, pigeons shit like a lot everywhere. But still I manage to adore them. But I love Dove.

    And hey that picture was captured excellently!

    It didn't fly =D Which is good.

  4. Oh man, i hate the smell of pigeon shit... i lived in an old apartment for two months and it was horrible. They roost outside the bathroom and i had to hold my breath each time i entered the place. Just shoot em all i say! I hope u had fun in goa :)

  5. @ ki

    Yeah they can be a nuisance :P
    Especially when they barge in our house :(

    @ Thoorika

    hehe...I knew I wasn't alone :D

    @ Esther

    Lol..Yeah pigeons are all very nice untill they barge in to your house :P

    And about the pic..well it was sitting on it's egg ...So it didn't wanna leave that I guess :D...and yeah I was lucky too :)
    btw welcome here and keep visiting :)

    @ Crowscious

    hehe ...Yeah your comment just stamps the fact of how it feels :D
    Shoot them is a li'l bit harsh though :D

    And that goa pic was taken 6 months ago...And I did have fun and I so miss it now :(


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