Friday, June 24, 2011

The New Template

Google keeps coming with some awesome things. The doodle for example.
The doodle paying tribute to Les Paul was one of the most mind blasting things I have seen in the recent past...Work and other matters have kept me away from blogger when I opened my page today, I thought the template design needs a change. So I went to the design change page after a long time and boy !.. Hasn't the whole set up changed. There are such fantastic templates available now...I remember a year or two ago I had to Google search for new templates but now blogger itself gives so you so many decent choices to choose from that you yourself get confused as to which one to choose.

Finally I found this and I think my page looks neat...I know it would look a lot neater if I write something :P...I am sure I'll come up with something soon guys. I promise :)

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