Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Transition Phase

P.S: Below post is kind of boring and has 0 % humor in it. The Author is not responsible for any boredom which the reader may feel. :P

College Life: Attend Lectures. Bunk classes. Study 10 days before Exam. Mug up things and then vomit it in the paper. It was fun. But as far as gaining knowledge went. It was zero. Unless we made an effort to do so which we didn’t, there was nothing to learn. It was sad actually, the fact that we blame professors for the same. Yes, they are responsible but now being trained at something I realize that if we made on our part some effort to learn and understand things, the training part wouldn’t have been necessary :)

Coming to the Training phase. This is where the real transition happens. We change from students to professionals. We “LEARN” things. And I am not talking technical learning. I am talking about learning about life too. We interact. We communicate. Well don’t know about you, but I was short of these things during my college phase. Here as they say the knowledge transfer happens. Slowly and steadily we change into the working class lot.

Next comes the Working man. Here we apply our training into work. This is where the real joy comes in. You work based on your learning. Work seems fun then. You begin to understand and work. You learn the domain if you want to. How things work? How things function? How things Happen? The Cubicle Gossip over coffee :P

You slowly turn into the working class hero. Well I am not one as of now, but probably would turn into in the year ahead. But the first two phases is what I have gone through and hence this post of what you feel turning from a college going MUG-UP Kid into a working class MAN :) …Feels Good :)


  1. oyeeeeeee u blogged :D
    Good for u that ur liking this transition =)
    peter blogged something similar kal hi...are u two long lost brothers? :O

  2. The dude!! kya khabar! big working here shero you have become! :)

    Scribblers Inc.

  3. nice blog .. loved the way u taggged it.. I choose it not 2 b ordinary but mad!! lovely !!


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