Thursday, January 15, 2009

Damn !

This one's a short story I wrote for the Ascension" Short Fiction Contest in Clarity of Night"
I could not participate in the contest sadly as the date of submitting the story expired.But hey I still wrote something :P. The idea of the contest was to see a pic and write a short story having the pic in mind. I came up with this :)

This was the pic

I was in the escalator when I saw her. I was going down and she was coming up. She looked really Familiar. Our Eyes finally met. She gave a smile. So I did know her after all. But who was she? School, College….Damn! I had a pretty bad memory. She kept on looking at me till I reached the ground floor. Gosh! Whoever she was, she was damn pretty.

As I was about to turn and go back home, almost cursing my bad memory, I suddenly saw her rush to take the escalator, the one which I had taken seconds ago. She definitely knows me I thought. A few paces and she would be near me and damn I don’t even have a good deo on :P As she came a meter close……. ....

Somebody shouted from behind in an extremely girly way…………..

Hiiiiiiiiii Purva….Such a looong time naaa!!!!

What the …….?

I had made a complete fool of myself.


  1. hehehe.. this one .. lot of people are taking this.. yours was hehehe...

  2. Ahem..lmao..
    but was this just for plain fun?
    I know you can do better! :)O

  3. @ Chriz

    I know...I have read most of them.I am glad you found my version funny :P

    @ Crystal zee

    I guess it was yeah ...Most of the other posts that I had read for the contest were kinda same.Why not have a funny angle to it too? eh?
    I prolly wouldn't have come up with a "lmao" version if I had written something else.Probably next time girl :) ... Promisshh :P

  4. LOL

    This was refreshing and cute :)

  5. hehe... Happens a lot of times with me, don't know whether I am cock eyed, or the callers are... ;)

  6. @ Warmsunshine,Bhai and Divinediu

    Thank you :)


    Well yeah it happens when u r's Basically U and not the caller who is at "Fault" and made to look stupid :P

  7. haha... happens to me alot of times... i go all crazy and go dhappa only to realise its not the person i was thinking the person to be...

  8. mere saath toh aksar hota hai! :P

  9. hehe nice one.. :)

    hope it is just friction though

  10. @ Swayam

    Dhappa dat's the first ..haha ...Dat must hv really embaraasing ....ppl would hv said ?? :D

    @ Trinaa...

    Haan kya .. :P

    @ Ani Ani it's not and I better hope it won't be in the future :)

  11. @ Ani ...Oops Sorry... Yes it is fiction... lol....And I hope it remains a fiction :D


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