Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yes We Can :)

This was my Entry to the THE INSPIRATION POETRY CONTEST which was being held in my group blog i.e TheWriter'sLounge

This was what I had come up with ....

I was down that day
But not out, not yet
Many had a lot to say
But I got back, you bet!

It was all because of somebody though
Someone whom I saw campaigning
Addressing to the thousands gathered
Firmly said he,” Yes We can!”

The assurance in his voice
Rang like a gong in my ear
People could now make a good choice
My path suddenly felt so near.

He had a strong Belief
That he could bring about change
People had a strong belief too
In his ability, persona and range.

He is now the president
Must have dreamt that as a child
It had become a reality now
People around the world smiled.

If he can, then why can’t we?
Self Confidence is all that we need
We must do something before we die
So let’s start sowing that seed.

Listening to : Kk's "Aashayein" From the movie Iqbal :)


  1. Yes we can is not Obama. It's some little engine or something :P

  2. beautifully done... n I loved your innovative labels for the sidebar widgets... interesting..:)

  3. Sirf 5 Comments :D.... Damn! No chances of me winning then :D

    @ Crowscious

    haha ...Is it?
    even if it is he made it famous ...didn't he ;)

    @ Pavitra

    Thanxs and thanxs for the "following" too :)

    @ Ki

    Thanxs :D :D

    @ azoed

    Thanxs mann ..made some changes... Only U saw it :P ...Thanxs dude :)

    @ The Solitary Writer

    Thanxs for the comments on "MY PAGE" bro :)

  4. nice one

    that was a good inspiration. obama made it real big :) and the honest way he did, inspires me as well :)

  5. nice poem this... surely obama has inspired most for the required "change" and "yes we can"..:)


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