Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mera Valentine Funda

Dekh ho bhai Aisa hain ...It's like this.....Valentine day is hyped a lot. It actually means the celebration of love.Celebrating with those whom you love.Now it's sad that the whole thing is hyped only with "couples" celebrating.Here's a question? Did you wish your parents Happy Valentine's day today ?? Now if u believe in valentine's and you haven't done that BE ASHAMED LOOSERS. I'll go a step further.....Did u wish your friends today?? Well I did not :P ...but then hey it's not wrong in doing that.We all love them ...don't we ??

A Conversation with my friend on wednesday I guess it was.
"So what are you doing on Saturday, my friend asked ?"
I firstly could not tell why was she asking and then it came to mind ohh it would be Valentine's that day.
" Ohh Well I don't know. Would be celebrating it with my friends and family I guess"
She didn't say anything. Was she expecting something :D ??
I can't say.

Anyways, Happy Valentine's day people..... Love and spread love :)
What?? Did I hear you asking me something.......
What am I doing today ??

Ha! I am listening to Fergie.......

She is asking me : "I wonder if I take you home Would you still be in love Baby??"
Me: Yes Fergie Yes....First take me to your home...
"Baby, You know you would not have to worry about a thing
Cause you know you would have got me by a string."

Listening to : Yup, Don't Phunk with my heart~~The Black Eyed Peas.
Love the song :)


  1. haha Happy VAlentine's day.. just back from coaching... had a absurdly mundane day... atending lectures on social anthropology...

  2. Course your friend was expecting something!Guys are so obtuse! :P

  3. haha... expectations kills bro...
    happy valentines day

  4. @ Swayam

    Wish u the same ...Coaching sucks btw :P

    @ Ki

    I guess she did ...And Yes I am more than obtuse :D

    @ Chriz

    I know bro....I know....
    Wish u the same mann :)

  5. hey a cute one..:)

    happy valentines day :)

  6. Ya, well. I did wish my parents. And my friends. And my granny. :P

  7. :D

    wow man... you have Fergie on a string ;)


  8. ha ha..."was she xpecting something???" and FERGIE looks like u had a blast this valentine....

  9. I had a good day shoppin.. but hmmm.. Valentines is kinda for lovers tho right.. so it would be weird to wish my parents... :(

  10. @ The Pink Orchid

    Thanxs and wish u the same :)

    @ Anindita

    Way 2 go ...I did the same too :)

    @ Warmsunshine

    Yeah in my ears :P ...and in my dreams :D

  11. @ Victor punk

    Well not really ...well thinking of fergie...yes I did in that way :P ....and yeah she was bet :P
    Welcome 2 my page bro :)

    @ Crowscious

    Well yeah see that's what it's hyped for...but as I said it's a day of love whether it be motherly,brotherly or "Girlfriendly" or "wifely" :D :D
    Love is love u know :)

  12. hey...nice post...right from the heart..this is wat I call life !! :)
    Have a good day. Am delighted to be adding you.

  13. ha ha ha nice one.. :)

    belated v day wishes..


  15. loved ur valentine's funda... and it's so much more practical and near to life ;)

    hope I get to try it it out... (well deep inside my heart, 'm wishing I don't really have to!)

  16. Well, I did wish my parents and my friends. First thing in the morning. Obviously, you didn't wish your friends to escape the "You're so gay, man!" thing. LOL. I understand. I do. Btw, nice blog! =)

  17. Olá
    Estou passando para lhe dar um abraço
    Tudo muito lindo


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