Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Ok I am extremely poor in writing senti posts :P......But Happy B'day mom ....You are Special and you know that.I hope you enjoyed the cake that I had bought(not the one on the pic, it was a chocolate one :D) and sorry for the lie when I told you that I wanted money for the fests in coll, when actually it was for a gift that I gave you as I wanted to get something for you on your B'day (A showpiece and of course an Archies B'day card :) )

And I do not want make this a senti waala post anymore :P but I love you mom and you know that :)
Waana Dedicate this line from the song "Mumma" from Dusvidaniya

Duniya mein jee ne se zyada uljhan hai maaa
Tu hai "Anurag" ka jaahaan :)

P.S: Also a very Happy Belated B'day to a cute li' Blogger who turned 14 on thursday.When you visit her blog it feels you hv visited a 41 yr old's page :P
Happy B'day Aayushi ....
You really are a prodigy :)


  1. Hey! Wish your mom Happy B'day from my side too... :)

  2. hey happy b'day to mommy.. the cutest part was you lied to her for her gift money :D you are cute Anurag ..and it was sweet writing it here.. you did end up writing a senti post and we loved it!! :)

  3. hey happy birthday from my side too... she's lucky to have a son like you...

  4. Happy b'day to ur mom... i woulda neva thot of writin a post to my mom on here

  5. happy b'day to aunty :)
    i wish her many happy returns of the day :)

    (P.S. i was giggling while reading this one... i know how hard it would have been on you tryna sound a little senti :D )

    really sweet one Anurag :)

  6. Hey.. Happy birthday to your mommy from my side..

  7. @ Akansha

    Okay! Will do that :)

    @ The Pink Orchid

    Thanxs girl....I am Cute...Okay! :D
    And this ended up as a senti post ...did it ...Damn :P

    @ Swayam

    Ha!...Mom Are u Listening :D
    Yeah may be that's true :D

    @ Crowscious

    You won't believe this,I actually didn't wanna write it but then I thought what the heck! :P ....Enough of ranting ....Let's right something sensible :D

    @ Warmsunshine

    Ohh you bet ....It was really hard :D....Thanxs Mehreen :)

  8. @ Riya

    Yeah Riya ....Would Convey it her :)

  9. hey....wish your mum a very happy birthday from me....
    thats really sweet of you to write a post for your mom....

  10. happy birrrrrrrrrrrrrthday to u mom! :)

  11. Wish your mom from my side too. :)
    AND my mom's. She went all 'awwww' when I showed her this post. :)

  12. heyyy wish your mom a belated happy birthday!

    btw the cake in the pic looks sooo damn delicious! :D

  13. belated happy birthday to aunty jiii .....i actually called to wish the same....dunno gradually forgot it...... :)

    u lied ....bad anurag

  14. @ Pavitra

    Thanxs a lot :)
    I'll convey ur wishes.....

    @ Trinaa

    Hehe ..."To U mom" ...You mean my mom :P
    Will Convey it trinaa :)

    @ Ki

    Ok! Will do that .....U showed this to your mom :D ...My Mom did "awww" too :D

  15. @ Neha

    Will convey it :)
    The cake is courtsey google :P
    Google "delicious b'day cakes" and you will find some more yummy stuff :P

    @ The Solitary Writer

    Kya lied bae ..... I did celebrate my mom's b'day ....if u forgot then it's your fault not mine .... :x


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