Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pachiss nakhre :D

Ok…Tag time once again. I have lost count now of how many people have tagged me for doing this particular tag. But thanks to facebook for reminding me. I have finally had the time :P
Ok this requires me of putting in 25 different things regarding myself. Here’s what I came up with :)

1. Majority of the people find me cute but not handsome. Do you think that it’s the same? I don’t :P

2. When any one of my old friend meets me now-a-days he/she invariably has one common thing to say “Dude are you all right? How have you gone so thin? And no that ain’t a complement. I mean wafer thin :P. I don’t have an answer.

3. I hate eating breakfast. If I had things in my hand I would straight away have lunch after getting up but I again invariably have to. Is that the reason of me going thin? Well, may be :P

4. I munch on lays or any other local brand of chips at least say thrice a week every evening :P

5. I have an extremely bad throat. And I don’t mean now, I mean in general. That’s why I do have an ice cream but only after it melts :D

6. I have never smoked or drank alcohol though have had a few sips here and there :P

7. Ok, after some foodie discussions :P let’s come to academics….. Believe it or not, since nursery or maybe Junior K.G/L.KG I have been accused of having terribly bad handwriting. And it hasn’t stopped till date. :D

8. I love reading fictional novels. I normally have a habit of completing one in 2 days time. I hate those who take like a month to complete :P

9. When it comes to cricket, I hold the bat the wrong way. All of them make fun of me, but I am used to it now and it kinda works :P

10. I am absolutely pathetic in mathematics. I am glad that it’s finally over and done with.

11. I dread going to the U.S of A or abroad for that matter. May be it’s the fear of living alone but I know that invariably one day I have to :(

12. I hate sleeping in the afternoon time but I end up doing the same :P

13. I am lazy! Lazy in everything I do!

14. I believe in the gandhian philosophy of non-violence.

15. I can watch anything on the television …Just put it on :P

16. I used to hate football/soccer say 6 years ago but now I am like crazy over it.

17. I am a huge Manchester United fan since 2003.Glory Glory Man-utd :)

18. When I get a newspaper in my hand I invariably go to the last page i.e. the sports page every time

19. I have got 5 or 6 nicknames in college and I don’t think I’ll use it here :P

20. I have been wearing converse shoes since the last 4 months and I think it rocks :)

21. I hate those kinds of people who have “I know it all” kinda attitude. Best thing is to stay away from such noobs.

22. I like traveling in buses rather than trains. I know it’s strange but one would be better of hanging from a bus rather than a train! Trust me! :D

23. I cannot adjust to one place at one time. I dread leaving my place, my friends and adjusting to a new place.

24. I am single and I have no idea when that status is gonna change :)

25. Lastly I believe I have been extremely lucky in the last year or so. And believe u me “extremely lucky” is an understatement! I hope this luck continues to work for me :)

As usaul don't wanna tag anyone...You like it...You do it :P

P.S: My result is gonna be out next week or on March 1’st week. So pray for me people :)

Listening to: Accidentally in love by Counting Crows~~~o.s.t Shrek-2


  1. interesting :D

    that's an understatement also :P

  2. omg! we are so similar..!! especially the handwriting one.. :)

  3. oh, I can go on n on n ON abt it..

    and trust me,
    u don want me 2


  4. 1. Put your full length pic and then we'll decide!!

    2.No comments

    3.Odd trait... even odder is the fact that I share it! I take breakfast only when I am very hungry in the morning, or when I am going out...

    5. I have one too... but when I see an ice cream, who cares... :D

    8. Same here!

    12 & 13 &24 I share...

  5. Ha ha, i hate know-it-all people too :). And i love Lays, even though it does horrible things to my weight. How do u stay thin? Unfair!

  6. Hey nice one.. Ha ha.. And best luck for results..

  7. hey nice post.....i follow most of the don't worry, ur not alone....

  8. that was interesting.. :)

    and all the best for the results

  9. hmmmmm..ppl call me cute too. at 21 i no longer think its funny! :x

  10. I posted your story!

  11. haha mast.. loved all of them... but i guess u should be hating me .. my readings suffering n definetly i take almost a month to finish a novel... nowadays...

  12. Some of them call me cute too... and believe me... IT HURTS! lol

    and don't remind me of Maths... man nobody could have been worse at it than I am...

    being single is OK(more often than not) lol!

  13. Seems like you struggled in scanning 25 things about it.
    Few of them are just activities and few seemed to be repeatative..
    I don't think u r lazy at all :D
    Don't tag me ok ? :D

  14. Darn! Same here. I'm done with looking cute, I want sexy :D..
    .. And not drunk/smoked too. Where I work at, thats a blasphemy :D


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