Monday, February 23, 2009

Deceptive Perceptions

“First Impression is the last impression.” Wonder who coined that phrase? But should it really be? What if one wants to change that impression? He/she wants to revolt and say “No! I am not the way you think I am! I am or I rather want to be like this or I have become like that. Would you then believe him/her and change your impression regarding that person?

I look myself in the mirror (very rarely) and invariably say “Why do I look this way? Why shouldn’t people take me for granted if I look this way?” May be it’s not because the way I look but the things I do that things do not fall in place. It could a combination of both too. And the worse part in all of this is that as the time goes by people start saying “Ye toh aisa hee hain” (He’s like that only)... Ha! Believe it or not I visited my junior coll recently and the prof said the same thing when he saw me after a long time the only difference being he said it in marathi. “Haa Assachs hain”. May be one could argue that he meant that I looked the same since he saw me last. But hey he had a perception about me and guess that stays on forever.. Is it too late to change thyself? To change people’s perception? Or Should I join the orkut community “Be Yourself” and give a damn to their perception? I know you would say the latter but it ain’t easy and I will tell you why :P

We celebrated Traditional day in college this Friday and we also had something called as “the matka awards” given away in our class. Well it deals with your fellow classmates nominating and giving away awards in various categories and one gets a matka i.e. a tea cup kinda thingy and hence the name. And so everybody voted and I did manage to win thanxs to majority of the girls who voted for me :P

What did I get?


Ha! Well not that I don't want to be decent but I am sure you get the drift :P


  1. erm... does this mean your professor called you a 'decent guy' too? :O

    And why are you sad about getting a 'decent guy' award?Coz other guys might tease you? Well... I think you're a decent guy too... and believe me... that coming from ME is a COMPLIMENT... ;)

    Btw what do you want people to think about you... hmmm?

    I am giving you about a week to think... :P

  2. Hmmm.. A very thoughtfuvk post.. I too have thought of this many times.. First impression and all.:) but the saying is true.. Dont know why.. I know one should always be oneself.. But sometimes first impression counts.. Like the first meeting.. Eggsst appointment with your patient.. First time you met your online date.. First meeting with your in laws.. Me too preparing this time to put a good first impression on my future in laws.. Lets see what happens.. Wish me luck..

  3. u want to change urself 4 ppl? different ppl hv diff opinions..u sure u'll be able to meet up their expectation level this time round?? n how many ppl r u going to please?? fact y d hell is it necessary to please them??
    errrrm..m not helping u in any way am i?? chalo i'll shut up n let others spread d gyan.. :P

  4. oh n btw being a decent guy is GOOD! stay that way..there are too few of ur kind anyway!!

  5. @ Akansha

    No! That tag was given to me by my classmates.
    Well I'll take it as a "COMPLIMENT" if u say that :)
    I'll tell u my response to that after a week ...Promishh!!

    @ Riya

    It is true yeah ...but should it really be ....That's the question and you think it should....yeah but moi is confused and I guess I am not good with being a first-timer anything really :D

    @ Trinaa

    Dhnyawaad trinaa jee....But this decent tag is too heavy to handle ....But guess I have to live with it :(

  6. Decent guy?
    I get what you mean. Decent is nice and all but... :P

  7. lol Anurag...i can totally understand and kinda relate to it... but the sad thing we never can change the first impression.. lol but who cares..! \m/ you Be Yourself.. :)

  8. i would love to have dat matka :)

  9. 24, 2009 at 9:07 AM

    its nice... 1st impression is last impression.. i dont think its true because untill u talk someone u cant knw some one.

    by d way congrats for getting that matka.. hope ur classmated voted for right person.. :P

    come to visit my blog too.. :)

  10. Having an opinion is one thing and passing a judgement is another. Just that a lot of people tend to over-look the phase I.

    some things I have gotta say though..

    1. Teacher tasech astat :P and my mum's one :-|, so u knw..

    2. Decent boy is the way to go :P chup-chap ghore bo-se TV deakh!

    3. Opinion is abt havin an idea; judgement is abt knowing. people who have some idea always think that they know.. they just do not understand that what u know might not necessarily be the fact.

    and trust me, there r better things 2 bother ur brain cells wid.


  11. decent guy, LOL. I would have wanted somethin better. :) First impressions are usually wrong.

  12. decent guy... I guess it does irk you at times... But I guess you are never happy with whatever you have.. the grass is always greener the other side.... probably if your classmates had given you the award of the pimp pr the womanizer you would have taken offense...

  13. Hahahaha.. Man!! Decent rocks!! LOL. Okay. Seriously, what I think is this - people suck! you know..that's the way it is..that's because they don't care to look beyond what they think is know..they can't admit it to their selves that their first judgment of a person was probably not the best one. Probably because no on cares as much. Probably because they suck. Let it be. But, seriously, decent??!! I mean, LOL.

  14. Oh! And, care to visit my blog? P.S.: I'm just starting.

  15. c'mon... u needn't change yourself bcoz ppl 'perceive' u to be something... and being decent isn't that bad a tag to have... not at all + the gift that you get to have... it looks pretty! Stay the same... seriously, people change their perceptions about you when they realise they need to... just wait a bit longer... be patient!


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