Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hope :)

And there she was, clinging on to her big purse on one hand and umbrella on the other, looking beautiful as ever as she headed towards me. I was looking for some company for that last mile and she obliged to join me. Our umbrellas collided all the time as the rain refused to die down. I wanted to start the conversation but I had come to know that her boyfriend had dumped her a few days back and so didn’t want to relive her pain. Instead I wanted to tell her all that was on my mind.

I wanted to tell her how wrong it was for me to be so insecure. How I wished now that she would return to me again. I would do all that it takes to keep the relationship going. Now it would be me who would be responsible for all that would go wrong. But I couldn’t, I could not get in any words. Wouldn’t it be so selfish on my part to convince her now? Why should I want her to believe me?

Finally we reached our destination. It felt weird speechless the whole way. I actually didn’t mind spending everyday outside her house in the pouring rain, just to tell her how I felt. And then in the end I finally managed to utter “Sneha”.She looked at me, it seemed her eyes wanted me to say something all this while. She Waited.

“I ….I……. well….well………”

*A loud nagging noise from somewhere*

“Will you directly have your lunch son?”


As I drove to my office I saw the black clouds gather. It sure would rain heavily I thought.I somehow managed to reach office some 20 minutes late. Boss gave me an angry look which I had somewhat got used to. As I sat on my office chair, my friend cum colleague Sumeet said something in a very hush-hush manner.

“Sorry… what? Didn’t get you?

Dude I said Aditya dumped Sneha!!

I pinched myself.

Listening to:
Yeah, the one that's on my *new and improved* Playlist!!Some of the lyrics are there in the story too :D


  1. Nice attempt. I particularly liked the description of the desperation to talk 2 the gal...good one.

    and man, what picture!

  2. Hi,
    Congratulations....Your posting is very interesting...Keep writing.. Welcome to my blog...
    Wishing you in advance "A Merry X'Mas and A Happy New Year''

  3. nice attempt? matlab real story nai hai? pichhhh.. :(

  4. woah nice one there... if its a real story.... then i'd say just hang around... girls take way too much time moving on... waaaaayyyy toooo much time...

  5. its not real?...dude...great writing i must say!

    and this song...SHE WILL BE LOVED by maroon one of my fav aswell...same pinch!!


  6. @ Express

    Thanxs Girl...Just Google the right things and u'll find Millions of pics like that :)

    @ Femin Susan

    Thanxs a lot :) and advance x'mas and New Year Greetings to you too :)
    And oh yes,Welcome to my Page :)

    @ Trinaa
    Hehe, No It is Not Real ..Sorry to disappoint you :P

  7. @ Swayam

    Thanxs :) ..No It is not a real story but thanxs for your Advice :)...Kya pataa..future mein kaam aa jayein ;)
    And ohh yes..Welcome To My Page :P

    @ Neha

    Naaaaa....Not Real :P ..This is actually a story that I am writing for a contest on my Second Blog :P
    And Yes Great Song naa ....I hv mentioned it so many times and finally it's now playing on my Blog :)

  8. :(

    I agree with Swayam. WAY TO MUCH TIME.


    You've dropped by my blog, I remember of course. I just wondered if I had stopped by yours, that's all.

  9. @ Divinediu

    Yeah,I replied to her .......
    And I was only Kidding in my Reply...
    Chill da :P

  10. if i chill anymore, i'd freeze so much and probably not de-freeze again.


  11. That was an interesting read... and i catched the lyrics from "she will be loved"... it's such a soulful number :)

    this was so creatively thought of :) i hope this was a real one... :P if it is, then wait... she'll come around :P

  12. it a real life story??? If it's, then...just be patient and things will fall in place soon..

    and if its fictional, i appreciate ur creativity and narration...too good...keep it going...

  13. @ Divinediu


    @ Warmsunshine

    Thanxs ...Yes it is so soulful ...Ain't it?...It's not real story girl,But thanxs for your Advice :)

    @ Rajesh

    The Latter is correct dude ..don't know why so many of them have doubts ....Prolly coz I never written fiction before :P...
    Damn! Should have mentioned it in the post......
    Anyways Thanxs for appreciating :)

  14. is this fiction or real...anyway loved it!!


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