Thursday, December 4, 2008

Aila! Award Mila! :D

Two Bloggers in this beautiful blogger world were kind enough to bestow not one but two awards. This is my First kinda Award in Blogging...
But the fact that there are people around who somewhat appreciate my kinda "work" makes me really feel good :)

Anyways, as the rule goes I have to nominate others who I think deserve this Award.
Here’s my list

1.Anindita: I was and still am fascinated by her Dark Poems and writings that actually made me to blog in the first place. A butterfly for that ain’t bad, is it?

2.Stephen:For me the best Writer in the blogosphere.No Blogger leaves an impact like he does. I know you have been awarded already and I may be a little biased but dude I truly think you are the best :) And Thanxs for the Free Spirited Award too :D ------>

3. Shatabdi:This Girl is on your face with her writing.Girl,I was actually speechless when you mentioned me in your 50'th post but hey I had some kind of a debt to pay and may be this is it …Take the Free-Spirited Blogger award too. :D Two words Girl :You Rock!

4. Mehreen: Awesome, Awesome Writer…Has probably mentioned my name more than any other blogger in her blog. :D... I can’t believe she still has me in her “Blogs I follow” section but hey I don’t mind. Again I know you have been awarded but hey you deserve it more than I did or probably do :)

5. Scribbler'sInc.I have been a religious follower of Scribbler’s Inc. since he used to write about his office happenings …. Of course now it’s turned spooky and for the better …So dude this award is probably more apt for you: The coolest blogger around :)

Ok mine is a short list but hey the above people did deserve it …… There were others too and sowwie if I disappointed you but these guyzz are probably nice "blogger friends" than others or may have just ended up making some sort of an Impact on me.

P.S : With all that has been going around presently here in Mumbai and other fellow bloggers from my city trying in their own different way to make a valid point.... I just want to share a small little Quote from the Mahatma himself and this has also been mentioned in Black Friday the movie.

“An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

Peace :)


  1. O wow Anurag... I'm blushin' with the intro you gave about me :P

    thanks for the award and those lovely words :)
    And best of luck for your exams :) Jaldi se pass karke waapis aao.. waiting for your next post :P

  2. Mujhe bhi mila! Mujhe bhi mila!
    tu-ne hi diya!! :-D :-D

    u wrote a P.S. :-o

  3. @ Mehreen

    You more than deserve it girl :) Next post should be up soon :)

    @ Stephen
    Anytime bro :)

    @ Express
    I am against writing P.S ....>Who told you ??? :P

  4. oyee i noe 4 of those awarded!! congrats ppl!!

    ps: all those i noe..i want treat..n mehreen if u want to feed a hungry poor child ur allwd 2 do the same ;)

  5. @ Trinaa

    Oye maine woh mazaak mein bolaa tha ....Chalo Tune Mazaak Mazaak mein kar bhi diya...Isliye Thanxs :P

    @ Neha

    Thanxs :) and good to see you back ...

    @ Ani

    Thanxs Dear :)

  6. Congrats on this one..

    there is another one waiting for u on my blog :)

  7. Haw. Mujhko award nahi mila :(

    Lol. Kiddin'
    Congo to you,and all the fraands of mines who got it! :)

  8. @ Tinkerbell and Peter
    Thanxs...and ty also for dropping by :)

    @ Crystal
    Thanxs ...You actually came close but hey you know you are damn good Blogger :)

  9. Thank you!! :)

    Will prolly teach you all about dark poetry in Infosys! :D

    PS: I like the template!! ;)


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