Friday, December 12, 2008

A New Template and a new Poem

First of all,Thank You Stephen for the Header.I look a bit chubby in that but that ain't your Fault :P My previous template was matching with some other people in the blogosphere and so I decided to change it.This looks kinda cool,doesn't it and I hope I am the only one around having this layout :P
Now, I had written a poem for the TheWriter'sLounge a few weeks back but I guess not many of them read it.So here it is for those who didn't :P

Reminising the Past

In the Middle of the Night
My Eyes got a Little Wet
When an old Friend called up
And asked if I remember those days??

When Fun had a different meaning
When we laughed at the silliest things
When the Night arrived a bit too early
Do you remember those days??

When going to school was great
Doing homework was a headache
Sharing Tiffin was a daily Routine
Dude, do you remember those days??

When you played as a Substitute Fielder
And took that brilliant catch
You made it to the team after that
And then played in every match

Do You Remember those days
When we played board games together
And fought like bitter foes
When winning seemed to be everything
And when we never used to loose hope

And now here we are again
In our own life’s phase
Reduced now to saying just one thing
If we still remember our days

Live your Life in the Present and have fun ….Reminiscing the past doesn’t really help :)

P.S: There are some people who have been blogrolled by moi.I should have done that days back but couldn't for some unexplainable reasons :P.
So If you are in there say Yayyy :D

Btw here's my official entry in the "Rain Drenched Lounge Contest" for the Writer's Lounge Yes, I do write Stories too :P .It's actually been edited since, so don't get fooled by the initial few comments that you read :P


  1. Hi Anurag!!

    Hmmm nice template... So this is how you look like :P Ste, you did a good job!

    the poem was so innocent. glad you posted it here... or i would have missed it... i'm being very lazy at writer's lounge :( a bit busy... i just hope Steph doesn't mind... he asked me to be active there :(

    Will definitely check out your post in that contest :)

  2. well i did comment on the other one.. though.. n this is equally lovely :)

  3. forgot to mention. heh nice template ;)

  4. nice template...i liked it...and lovely poem....didnt know u write poems :P :D nice nice... :P
    and btw the award of lovely blogger award is damn nice and pink :D :D

  5. liked yur blog..!!!
    will visit again soon..!!!

    keep up d gud work..!!!

  6. @Warmsunshine

    Glad you liked my poem.And yes I kinda look like that :P.Although pics can be deceptive and the one's tinkered with photoshop tend to be more deceptive :P But yeah somewhat like that :D and yeah hope to read you in the Lounge more often :)

    @ Ani
    Thanxs Ani :)

    @ Mads
    Well if u say that's a lovely poem then yes I know how to write poems :)...But ppl tend to like me for my funny posts more and I'll be back with those in my next post :)...And Yes the awards cute...U want Kya ???:P

    @ Pankhuri
    I always like new ppl visiting my place and thanxs for the encouraging words...Do keep Coming :)

  7. Congrats for your new template!

    Poetry was really very nostalgic!

    I think can given to someone to make a song over it....

  8. Ooo, nice template! bhery nice..

    and poem's nice too... especially coz Im in the final too, the chords kinda struck.


  9. Like your header..
    That was a neat write up..kudos.

  10. @ Rushabhh

    Thanxs mann ....A song over this?
    Nobody told me that before

    * Reads the poem again* ....
    Dude, You got a number of any composer :D


    Thanxs :)
    That's wht I wanted ..To strike a Chord :)

    Thanxs :)

  11. Hi dude...first time here...

    Template is it on Writers Lounge..

    Its too good...m bad at poems and so I seem 2 like poems a lot...keep it going..

  12. heyyyyy...lovely rhyme there buddy! yes i remember those..more often than is usual actually :'(

    n m there on ur blogroll..yeaa :D

  13. @ Rajesh

    psst... I am bad at writing poems too....Just that this one it seems turned out to be appreciated :P...
    Welcome to my Page :)

    @ Trinaa

    Thanxs Trinaa.. :)

    And I was waiting someone to say yayy :P...and you did ...So thanxs for that too :D

  14. I think my first time, not sure because you just changed your template(nice one, btw), nothing flashes in dumb ol' memory. :P

    Reminiscing helps indeed. When you look back, its nice to see what a great life you had. You're saying that because your childhood was great. Even mine was/is for that matter. Touch wood. :)

    Good luck for the contest.

    I'll check out a couple of ur older posts. :D

  15. @ Divinediu

    It's not your first Time here.This one's your Second or third comment.Yes I have Changed my template and yes your memory is Dumb... *Certified* :D

    I actually wrote here that reminiscing doesn't help but yeah those good times should be cherished and the bad times ought to be forgotten ....That's what I actually meant :)

    Thanxs for your wishes and do keep coming :)

    *Counts the no.of times he's been to her blog*
    ummm...many times Actually and many comments too :)


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