Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tryst with an Elderly

P.S :I initially thought of describing my trip to chiplun over the weekend ,but that was untill I returned back home yesterday.Thought this thing which you are about to read will make for a more intresting post.Just to say,That Chiplun is a wonderful place.It wasn't chiplun exactly but a 2 hour ride from there,I stayed in my mama's Quarter in RGPPL (Ratanagiri Gas
and Power Pvt Limited also known as Enron or Dhabol)It's hard to imagine that such a place existed just 5 hours away from a cramped city like Mumbai.

"JanShatbdi 20 Minute Late hain Sahab",Ganesh our pocket sized driver informed us.We had arrived early at the station and now we had to wait some more ...TING TING TING Yatri kripya Dhyan de....That probably repeated for the 10'th time and pissed me off...Finally the Dadar bound train arrived and as luck would have it I got a window Seat.I bid Mami Goodbye and as the train left the station,a voice from the adjacent seat caught my attention....Ki Bangali ??....Huh!..Naam ki?...Anurag ...Anurag ki ??Bhattacharjee ??...Well not really...Ohh well ...He said,You Can Call me Tamboli...Like in Bengali there is Ganguly..Likewise I am
Tamboli..Hahahahaha...!! Now Since there was no good book or a mobile in my hand (Some kinda Sim Problem :( ,I was'nt that pissed off...This 3 Hour journey would'nt be that boring afterall.The Man in Question would have been in his 50's ..Probably Mid or late 50's...Had a Slightly bad body odour,not that distracting....Kauthay Jaache ??...* Now seriously Non-Bengalis
should'nt try speaking the Language,they make a Complete mess*...Panvel Uncle ...Had to show some courtsey and so counter-Questioned him ...Thane,he said..Actually I am going to Nashik for my son's engineering admission !!..So what did you see in Chiplun ??...Marleshwar,Ganpatiphule..You did'nt go to Guhagar Beach ....And so he took out his nokia and began to show me all the pictues and videos of that place...Chai Chai..Will you have some ?? You people eat this,don't you,hahahaha ..Gave a half-smile to that old silly joke...No Uncle,Thank-you !!Arre Doh Chai denaa...Ohh Well ..Free mein hain toh why
not,I thought ... :P

Our Conversation Continued about Engineering,it's benefits,Various Colleges around Navi-Mumbai,about my hobbies and about Kolkata where he was apparently posted as an officer in the army.When he saw I was starting to get a little bored he said,almost in defence...Kya hotaa hain,When you Travel you converse with different kinds of people...this gives you two things...Pleasure and Information...and the best part is that you probably know that you will never ever meet that particular person ever in your life,hahahaha...Ohh well that's so true !!Then he picked up his mobile and dialled at his residence....Arre Chaitanya...Mazaa Barobar Ek Third Year Cha Mulgaa Baslela aahein ...Tujha Kaay Tari Doubts vagere asel tar tu Vicharoo Shaktoh ...Ohh Great..I Have to play some sought of an Engg-Agony Uncle here...Gave him some sought of "advice"which I,myself wasn't sure off :P...Finally after three hours of "not that bad a journey" the train approached Panvel....Abar Dekha holo...Holo naa Uncle Hobe ...Ho-be,Ho-be ....By the way...My name is Tamboli...Just Remember Ganguly....Hahahaha,he Sighed off.


  1. Hey mr.anurag!! Well i wanna answer to ur question...I haven't done any study on 2d-animatics n all, professionally i m an architect...but cartoon and graphic design has always been my passion and always will be one!! Even u can create such stuff..for creating a logo u jus need good knowledge of adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop and ya ur creativity ,definitely a must!!! Thanx for ur comment!!

  2. sahi hai beta...and I thought only bongs were a pain!!:P

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