Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Art of Proposing

Me:->You know,I have been wanting to tell you this for quite sometime now but don't know how do I put it in words.

Y:->oh,You can tell me,What is it ?

Me:->Guess I have Fallen in Love with you !!!

Y:->Huh !! * looks Left and Right * Are You Serious ??

Me:->I don't know ...I guess so ....Do you .........

It is 9.30 already....When did you Sleep last Night,You lazy A**....Damn,Such a beautiful Dream got "chakna chur "in seconds.I could'nt see her as the Girl in Question's Back was facing the wall i.e my eyes,but she I could see had oily long hair.I did not want to get up in that lazy morning almost wanting myself to revisit that broken Dream ...Would I ever be able to Propose like that?..or was it just a silly random stupid dream or will it be something like what happened Last September

September 05,2007 :->It was teacher's day but it turned out to be some sought of a Valentine's Day in College.We did Celebrate Teachers day but most of them stayed back in the class for I guess what can be called as a "post event get-together" What Followed was kinda Silly and Juvenile(According to me) but something unique and different from our regular monotonous boring Class Lectures.

All of them had to recall their first crush that they had and with whom and what happened there after and those honorary members who had Girl-Friends had to tell in front of the Class of how they proposed i.e do that thingy Again...Ok I knew this ai'nt going to work coz most of them in our class were well "Shanti ke Smarak"..I knew they were'nt going to speak and even if they had Gf's they ai'nt going to do that thingy .....You would'nt expect this from "I-want-to-be Engineer" fellas !!!And I was'nt Wrong ...well Almost :P

And so it started...Girls were girls as they made sure they occupy the first two rows of the class waiting curiously for what the First "contestent" had to say.As expected it got boring initially with nobody wanting to divulge their "gory secrets" But then 2-3 Girls put their hands up and well blabbered...mere boyfriend ne mujhe pehle Sea-face mein propose kiya...usne mujhe Archies ka badaa sa Card diya...*Almost Giggling*...phir usne mujhe phool dekar mc.Donalds mein khana khilaya...*What* :D ..ohh maan ...Am I here to hear all this ....C'mon Discuss your Makeout session..That would make things interesting... A girl went onn saying she has a Fiance and how she and her "fiance" rejected or subjected all those boyzz who came in "their" way...Blahh Blahh ...I was Starting to get a headache and so I decided to walk-out of the Class but those noobs who had organized all this "Crap" i.e The C.R and the L.R of my class pushed me aside...What was even worse ...I was next :(

It was my turn now....We had to actually stand where all the teachers stood while lecturing a class ..So I was in front of the class but thankfully it was a Quarter full by then :P. I stood there about a metre away from the First Row.I could see 28 eyeballs bulging outwards curiously waiting to hear what was I about to say.To nobody's Surprise I disappointed them all by not giving any Meaty kinda lectures that they were wanting to here...Instead made it short and Simple :P

I often wonder whether I could or would really be able to do what I saw in my Dream ....Fact that I have never proposed to any girl before probably makes me more uncomfortable....And worse if I would able to discuss all the Gory details that some of them had the "courage" to do that day ....My Guess is that the former is a possibility but don't think the latter is a Feasible Option :)


  1. being nervous about proposing is a good thing, cause you know how much that/she means to you, there's no doubt in your mind that that's what you want most right now.

  2. Well that's One Way of Looking at it .....
    Quite Interesting must say that Particular Thought...

  3. lol

    hehe u dream....but atleast try to implement it in reality :p

    hmm ,i guess for u proposing need s some sort of experience haan ...thats the reason u have not propsed anygirl ....hmm nervous guy haan

    any way i still wonder wht wud be my reaction if i was called in front of the class to share my experience...... lol

    btw that must be a funny sight naa maza aaya hoga naa teachers day ke din woaaaaaa

    u know wht in our engg college these damm teachers ask us to teach our juniors ...crap..and we have to teach them ...really annoying yar
    imagine kabhie zindagi mein lecture attend nahi kiya and u going to give lecture to ur juniors ...todha toh sharam honi chahiye naa dude....we engineers suck big times :p

    btw i am stephen doin my computer engg

    wht about u ...even u seem to be an engg student ;)

    btw i am blogrolling u ,...if u have any problem me blogrolling u then kindly let me know...

    The Solitary Writer

  4. Blog Rolling ...:O
    what's that you can do that !!!
    Lecturing the Juniors is still Fine ....I 'll take that any day :D


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