Friday, August 1, 2008

CAUTION !!!!! :->Death Ahead

"28 Bombs Found in Surat", the headline screamed. As I often do, I skipped that part and read the sports section instead. But somehow, that particular headline rang over and over again. It even overshadowed things like “Eric Cantona advises Ronaldo to stay at Man utd”.A pretty bizarre occurrence ran in my head. The newspaper had also given the pictures of the people who had died in the Ahmedabad Blasts and I thought to myself, “Did these people know that they are going to die soon??” Suddenly the relevance of words like "Life and “Death” seemed totally Irrelevant and Questionable.

I remember a conversation I had with my Grand-mum decades back when she had said, Remember Son, All the People living in this world have a definite Lifespan which is encrypted in their Foreheads. So I asked, don't we know then when are we going to Die??Unfortunately Not, and that's why it is said that we must always live our life to its fullest :) Why think about Death, It has already been decided by the Almighty!! That's why LIVE LIFE and don't think anything else. Just out of curiosity grandma...What about those who commit Suicide...Does the almighty decide that too?? To that Grandma said: They are the most coward people in the world who do that as they don't find any solution to a "Problem”. Look son, Almighty doesn't want people to die but he can't stop the cowardly, Can he/she??

Those who planted the bombs were cowards too, as they were fighting a loosing cause. After the Mumbai Train Blasts 2 years ago, they talked about the "Spirit" that people living in the city showed when they went to work next Morning...BULLSHIT!!!...That was sheer "Majburi" and nothing else. They actually also wanted to LIVE LIFE if you look at it in one way. They also agreed with my grand-mum's "Lifespan Theory"...To be Really Honest, I wasn't Scared after the Mumbai Blasts, But after Banglore/Benglooru and then Ahmedabad I am kind of Starting to.But then I remember my Grand-mum,the conversation and her theory and I say let's LIVE LIFE but let's all be cautious as unfortunately there's nobody to tell us something like CAUTION!!!! :-> Death Ahead.....

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