Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anyone want inspiration

We crib about so many Things in Life and yet do we ever question ourselves about what our contribution to society is? How much have we worked hard in order to get "THAT THING DONE"

Two Completely different Personalities and yet they have achieved what any athlete would dream about:->An Olympic Medal....Michael Phelps on the left with 8 golds and India's "Wrestling Hero" Sushil Kumar with the Bronze on the Right. Why have I highlighted him and not the guy who got the gold for India...Ohh well the reason is that he looks more contemporary to the look of a modern Indian Sportsperson and incase you didn't know ...he actually won 3 fights in a row within an hour to get the bronze.(Taking nothing away from Abhinav Bindra...He too worked hard) So he represents someone who was down and out literally having lost his First one really knew him. No Media Attention and BOOM....A bronze.....So you really don't have to look towards your peers for any inspiration ...I have him right here in my blog :P...And let's say incase you become complacent having achieved a lot in life and the word inspiration doesn’t exist ....look towards the person on the left.......

Michael Phelps :-> Winner of 6 Gold Medals at the Athens Games but yet didn’t retire...Okk he is just 23 but normally pro Swimmers retire early like the Aussie Ian Thorpe but yet had that desire and hunger to break Spitz's record. And he did and how!! One had to see the 100m's Butterfly Final's to get first hand account of his desire to win. He had to stretch at the last hurdle and was just microsecond away of loosing the Gold but that determination was too strong and god was with him. That just shows how he did not wish to sit with his own laurels. Wanted to give it another go and what a heck of a inspiration he has turned out to be!!

So you see it is never over in life...One just has to look around. Not at the First Grader but to people like these...One who despite all odds proved everything and another whose hunger and desire propelled him past his post of glory...Incredibly Inspiring!!!

P.S: Seeing the Olympics in Doordarshan is an experience in itself....The most funniest thing is when a sport is being showed and I don't know from where a Voice comes in saying arre woh Vijender ka bout sawaa barah baje hain naa or something like arre iske baad humein basketball dikhana hain naa
Lollzzz Good o'l Doordarshan !!!


  1. shit!!that happens???

    Scribblers Inc.

  2. Haha, yea.
    Once there was this girl doing amazing gymnastics in the athens olympics and the Doordarshan voice said, "gir gaya kya". And the girl did fall the very next second! haha!
    Blame the doordarshan fellow for making you lose your medal gal :-P

    well nevemind, very good post yea. Couldn't catch much of the olympic games. The news of indian victory got me esctatic though.

    to the 3 medals that came 2 us :-)

  3. Hi ,

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  4. Hey Anurag,

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