Monday, August 11, 2008

"Chicken'ed" Out

Disclaimer: The following post does not intend to disrespect/disregard/disgrace or ridicule “Chicken Eating people” neither does it have any intentions in turning people into Vegetarians. It just presents a personal point of View :P

Eating at a “proper” Restraunt happens very rarely for me, may be once, twice or if lucky thrice in a month. And most of the time, errr all the time actually, it happens to be with my family or relatives. Unless ofcourse, my friends beg me for a “Paaarrty” on every silliest of occasions: P... So the other end when I did venture out on a rainy, windy Saturday Afternoon and it wasn’t a “Paaaarty”, it was one of those rare Restraunt Visits.

I gave my own individual order and was rendered jobless when all of a sudden.......
U: How come you don’t Eat Chicken??
Me: Oh Well, I don’t like it
U: “Don’t like Chicken!! At your age, you don’t like chicken *almost collapses in his chair* Strange! Oh, C’mon be a man, here have some….
Me: No thank you, but I don’t want to!!
U: Don’t forget, you have to go abroad, there they will serve you all kinds of meat,” what will you do then, eh?
Me: I actually prefer Prawn Uncle.
U: Oh Prawns are for the ladies,” Real Men Eat Chicken”!!

And So I don’t know why, how, what but I did do the unthinkable…It only was a “Starter” though, but I was really pissed off…It hadn’t gone well, both, the chicken and his banter…..Lunch started to taste bitter...Is it wrong to be a vegetarian??Ok, I may not be a proper vegetarian, but I really don’t mind turning into one…Why are the Veggie’s Ridiculed all the time? My Non-Vegetarian Friend said the other day.. “Pagal, Main agar teri Jagah hotaa toh tooth padhtaa”….”Lekin,main teri tarah nahin hoon”, I said in gest... It all depends one one’s Taste buds and mine are all for the Veggie’s and I don’t get why anyone should have a problem…Bahhh…This Post makes me hungry.....I better go and have some palatable stuff :P

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  1. I guess we all have our priorities,likes and dislikes if we don't like something we shouldn't force anyone else for doing that...however at the same time we can have a counter argument by saying if u don't try new things in life you will be bored eating what u are eating now one day :).....try out newer things bro...u will have a lot of options in life when it comes to eating.......however one has to have right set of mind set to do that.......coming back to the writers blog the you have well said people don't have a perfect goal in life...goals keep on changing as you discover yourself...we are not sure what we wont to become however the goal sets as you start working..or heading towards one direction....we all feel something or the other like the other day i felt let me quiet working as IT profession after I gain enough money and do some acting....however would i be able to do so...depends on a lot of factors and priorities at that point of time.

  2. Wait! Who said that vegetarians are mocked and looked down upon? I grew up eating non-vegetarian but being gujarati, was surrounded by vegetarians. Even today, I order only what I like and not necessarily meat. Most of the times, I end up eating vegetarian food in restaurants because just like you, I do not like chicken, and prefer seafood instead.

  3. "Prawns are for the ladies, Real men eat chicken"
    what a classic example of a generalization! well, I like non-veg food, more so coz I am a bengali. But again, I don't mind veggie, actually outside home, I prefer veggie food coz they make non-veg very spicy.

    Its all abt one's palate. And I would never resign to some1 else asking me 2 eat something I don't want to. [I don't eat red meat]

    anyway, some same pinches,
    I love prawns too!
    I reside in vashi too!


  4. Roles are reversed this side of the country, I suppose. In the circles I move, people turn up their noses when I order chicken because apparently it smells. So with prawns you'd be a bigger stinker I suppose. On a more serious note, food, clothes or anything, it often happens that people tend to coax the others to believe and do like they do. Wonder what happened to the 'live and let live'philosophy.


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