Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Changing Times

Yesterday, I was walking across a street when I came across 2-3 kids around 10-12 years old in their School Uniforms having a plate of sandwich in a local fast food joint. So?? That’s supposed to be common ain’t it? Well not exactly, I honestly could not identify with them. The fact that my mum didn’t give me pocket money when I went to school and I wouldn’t have dreamt about venturing “out of my zone” during my time makes me some what go ..Hmm or rather Humph!! School days were all about going to school,”Studing", getting bashed, Sometimes: P and going straight home. But that ain't the case anymore ….is it??

Considering there are bloggers out there who are still in school, Kids having their profiles on Social Networking Sites is now common. Gee’s now I think I would have been twice a better blogger if I had been in School and blogged.I wouldn’t have been struggling to find a new topic for my blog every time: P.A big Question would still haunt me though….Would it be affecting my studies then?? I don’t know, possibly, but considering it hasn’t done to my engineering till now, I don’t think it would have been a problem.

So you see, it ain’t taboo anymore. If you can manage your studies and do “out of the box” things, then why not?? I wish I could have done the same 10 years back though :(

P.S 1: McDonald’s is being now read in Marathi here in Mumbai… Is this the end of Liberalization…… you decide
P.S 2: I read yesterday’s Quote of Minnisha Lamba in Bombay Times where she said Bikes are liberating, feisty, Fun and Feminine…..Agree with the first three but Feminine??……. Bikes????

Song Currently Listening to :
I normally cringe listening to Bengali songs but this one’s special

Shaan’s Majhi re:

amar prothom dekha brishti-r jol-e
bhasiyechhi bhela khelar chhol-e
sei jol gechhe mishe, kon nodi-te
gechhe hariye kon sagar-e
Majhi re, o majhi re,
dekhechho ki tumi tare?
Nouko aamar, chhele belaar, kagoj-er...

I won't bother to translate guyzz..... go Figure :P !!!!!

P.P.S: I am off to Delhi for a week for my cousin’s wedding. Expecting fultoo dhamaal as it’s a Punjabi Wedding :) Tata!!!!


  1. bikes??feminine????what is the world coming to!!!:P

    Scribblers Inc.

  2. I think she was referring to a scooty :P

  3. Oh man, childhood memories..

    Things have become better and worse in many ways as far as skolling is concerned. well...

    u bong?

  4. i totally agree that things have std 8 students have cellphones! and std 10 students always hangout at hookah joints et al...i nvr nvr did that during my skool days..(not that i am out since long..its just 2 yrs..but i guess thats a long gap now..dunno!!).

    and even i like that song! :D

  5. Hahahaha!! Maybe she meant SCOOTY bike!

  6. wow wow,
    times have changed man,we cant keep comparing everythin to the past right?what if our parents sat to do that..u'd get a cell ophone when ur bloody 30 yrs old.LMAO.
    its nice that things have changed.its everyone's more independant.
    PS:im in da 12th(:P)

  7. wtf ...7 comments...*rubs eyes*

    thanks for commenting..I was in noida for a week to attend my sister's wedding..So couldn't be in touch....
    7...mann ..*rubs his eyes again* :D

  8. haha! ill make it 9 ;-)

    adding u on blog-roll

  9. School children's blogs.. oh, even they have to struggle to find topics..

    Nice blog! :)


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