Thursday, January 10, 2008

The "Second Home" Coming

I am off to Bhubaneswar tomorrow which is kind of like my second home.It's also been like four and half years since I have been there and so it almost feels like it's the second time I am going there and hence the title of the blog. :P According to me,the age between 10 to 15 is when you grow as a person and learn a lot of things.It was around that age that I happened to be in the "City of Temples".It was kind of a Culture shock for me after being here for so long in my own hometown and leaving my old school and all friends to go to what I would call as a "Townish city" was really difficult.Making Friends there initially was difficult.Since I was too fair that time,people were vulnerable. Taunts followed initially like they would ask ....Have you come from Australia or New Zealand etc etc .....Soon the things began to settle though.There were spells of loneliness but ongoings were roughly smooth.School that I went to was kind of interesting.I got to hear some incredible pronounciations by the teachers. My memory seems to fail me but I kind of remember one of the words.The word Journey was pronounced something like johh ney ....something weird like that.It was'nt one bit funny though.Sometimes I thought where have I landed myself into.

Anyways it would be a much better second home coming....Atleast I hope so.Planning to meet up with my school friends and tution friends there and also with my old tuition teacher.Kudos to the good ol' Private tuition classes.After a week's stay am off to the God's Own Country i.e to Kerela.Ironically I have never been to the South of the Country except a vacation to Banglore and Mysore which was about 11 or 12 years ago.Gee those were the days where it used to be a vacation every summer or even once in a blue moon winter.That's why they say School days are fun.How many of us have travelled after 10'th standard....Atleast I have not barring a trip to Delhi and Goa.
So unfortunately there will be no more blogging from moi this month... (
and you know what's coming up next after this.....A blog about my trip to both the places of course ~Adios~
One chat
Me:So,What are you doing in the vacations ?
X:Nothing man,I am at home only..... *Yawn*
In Another Chat
Me:So,What are you doing in the vacations ?

Y:Well probably might join vacation classes..... *AARRRGH*
While In Another one
Me:So,What are you doing in the vacations ?

Z:Have'nt decided yet ...let's see..... *That's even worse coz you end up doing nothing*
Bottom line: *Whatever You do ......Have fun.Period.*

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