Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Incredible Fascination"

When I was coming back home from giving my sem exam yesterday, I decided to call up my friend who was my classmate with whom I had'nt been in touch for the last 5 years .I had only his number stored in my phone but did not call him all this while coz normally I deal only in messages and don't call up anyone as my balance always reads below 10(*Interesting excuse heh*) .I decide to scare him a little bit.Mauja hi Mauja hounded my ears for about 45 seconds when a sleepy voice answered the call(guess he was sleeping).Is that Mr.Samal? I asked in Oriya...Aagyaan he said...I said Huh???.....Then I realised that it meant yes sir..the ploy had worked...He thought I was some elderly person..After bothering him for a minute or two I told him who I was..Abuses and laughs came from the other side.He was in Kolkata doing his mbbs.So another 2 years to go huh..I asked...no dude not 2 .....another 4 and a half years to go ......

The guy had stood 2'nd in our school in the 10'th standard.He was shrewed,arrogant and had a lot of attitude(around 90% of the scholis are like that,are'nt they :P)..bullied me a lot in school and here I was, a good 2 years senior to him(degree wise) though we were of the same age.He had taken a 2 year drop inorder to get into a good medical college.He wanted to become a doctor at any cost.Infact more than 50 % of my classmates of 10'th standard in bhubaneswar are atleast 1 year junior to me(degree wise) as they have taken a drop after their 12'th to "prepare"for either their engg or mostly medical to get into a good college.Compare it with here in mumbai ....the % could be hardly 20.

I remember in one of our pct(communication subject) session practicals in this sem itself we were asked to introduce ourselves in front of the prof and one of the guys in his own introduction told that he had wasted two years to get into a medical college and now finds himself here in this college.The ma'm quickly responded saying don't say you wasted it.you did a learn a lot ...I did'nt bother responding then but..."learn a lot".....what did he learn .....that the hard work of 2 years does not pay off.....I am actually not against people taking a 'n' years of preparation time but the point is that if you want to be a doctor or something that really you want to become, why do something like that.why not work harder during that 10'th-12'th standard period..agreed that luck does not favour you all the time but if you have the determination to do something ,you are bound to acheive it.and if that does not work out,why not go for something else.I really can't think of anything that is to be learnt in that 2 years really except the bio,physics and chemistry fundamentals:P...As one prof had once said you are actually gonna retire one year before your actual retirement age:P
The guy who I was taking about earlier is also a womanizer ...so you can imagine what he did in those 2 years. :P.. He does have a girlfriend in his coll...So well it's actually not gonna be 4 years dude ...it will be another 5 .. :D ..Just kidding ........wish you well all the time :)

Song I am listening to:
"Tera Mujhse" from Aa gale lag jaa (1973 flick)
Tera mujhse hain pehle ka nataa koi
yoon hee nahi dil loobhata koi ~~*Beautiful Lyrics & a Beautiful Song*

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