Monday, August 20, 2007

I can see the good life,but...........

Ok this is the first time I am writing a poem and so if you don't like it, don't abuse me :p
this is what I came up with !!!!!

I do see him everyday
he does look the same
but to be like him
am I really game ?

Look at him now
he looks so happy
with his good ol' pals
who I feel are all crappy

but are they really crappy
or am I just being mean ?
may be a little jealous ....
which is all to be seen

He does not attend lectures
but is the class topper
and for all the girls out there
he seems a jaw dropper

but moi don't care
or should I really do
coz let's face it
that's a good life too .....

look at him again
has no tension no worry
and when the "P.L" will come
he will all be in a hurry

Do I need to be like him
will it then be all dark
coz to have that recognition
I have to leave that "mark"

I can see the "good life"
it does look good to the " T "
but I guess to be successful
I just have to be "me"..........

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