Saturday, June 7, 2008

Romance in the Rain

I wanna tell my baby
We are in the month of June
It's gonna be something different
With the arrival of the monsoon

The Rain is finally here
The Way it should be
I am missing you a lot baby
Why really do this to me?

The Weather has turned Pleasant
Winds blowing so cool
I wanna Fall in your arms Baby
Wanna just let go and drool

Wet mud in this rain
smells so very nice
Trees sway all around
And birds make a funny noise

This Rain takes me back
To our days of the past
let's Relive that baby
And hopefully make it last

Ohh,that Thunder and Lightening
And water Falling on our faces
Wanna just Cuddle you again baby
And Relive those past Traces

Rains Are here again folks ...nnjoy !!!!


  1. rains are painful.. especially with traveling and exams, when all you want to do is sleep!! :P btw, i like your template! :)

    nice work!!

    did you make it yourself with all the ITA we studied this semester??? :P

  2. Wonder why you I.T ppl have to call it I.T.A ...sounds so complex O_o
    Web Technology sounds so kool :P

    Making the Template myself ..... duh !!!

    Just Random Google Search And there you have it :)


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