Friday, May 9, 2008

Graduation,College and Cats :P

It's been two weeks or so since my friends doing their's,b.m.m's or b.m.s's etc etc (except engineering or architecture or medical)have finished giving their FINAL final exams and after a month or so they will turn into Graduates.So having a chat with one my frnds I told her how content and satisfied she must be feeling now that she would be inducted into the Mumbai University's graduates list and she was like ...what satisfied it is my exams did'nt go well ...I don't know where I'll be or what I'll be doing in the next two months and worst of all I'll be missing COLLEGE !! gee's I thought that's so TRUE .. what was I thinking when I said that ...Probably it was the jeolousy of being in the third year of engineering slogging away and seeing my other frnds getting to wear their convocation attires ....baah they don't even do that anymore :( So what are you doing now I went on to ask ....and she was like ...nothing ..sitting at home ...gorging on some lays and watching IPL matches .........What come again... IPL
matches ....Girls watch IPL :O ....Gee's hearing that I began to wonder what's gonna happen to me in 1 year's time ...I am gonna be in her position and doing the same :( to make it worse there won't be IPL too if I cared...It's getting boring now :P...But Coming back to the Point...that's a sad life to have ...She is right ....Instead of being content ....they have nothing else to do ...GEE's that way a four Year Course is Great ....That day my Friend was saying Our College
is so L.S... :P College is College ...however so it might be ...One must Enjoy it ....Won't get these Year's Back however so it may have been :)


I don't know whether this is the trend with your residential society or not ...but in my Society the Cat's are slowly but surely out numbering the dogs ....MEOW'S have out numbered the woof's ... :P Actually it ai'nt Meow it's more of a waaooonn ...Scary Noises at night I tell ya ...

Like the cats Another trend that's slowly getting Rampant is the number of People giving GRE ....GEE'S Every Second Person seems to be on it ....and Why not ...The American System of Education is one of the best if not the best in the world ...but I just Hope People Come Back to India and work on an Indian Dream Rather than Glorify An American one !!!

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