Monday, March 31, 2008

The "Sick" Human Mentality

I have often heard many people saying or rather in the last few days over heard many of them say "Success has changed him".But how often do those people who say that look at themselves and say I guess I have changed !!!It's amazing how so many people react towards you once you have acheived something,the things which they would have themselves wanted.Some Mock you,Some see you with suspious eyes and there are some who just don't want to talk to you any more ......

Even if you do the usual things which you did everyday,the things that would have got completely unnoticed before "success" happened to you....those things just get blown out of proportion and you are seen as if you have some kind of a "Attitude Problem".It's just completely silly and frivolous and it almost got to me untill a conversation with a dear friend just calmed me down.Two Simple sentences were said....

1.Those who say those things are'nt your "true friends" ....'
2.Such things should be heard from one ear and taken out from another :)

Such Things are all petty issues,I know...but it just goes to show how others change so drastically when they see someone who they think is inferior to him acheive so much and then how jealousy sets in..In some Cases though.... people do Change but I have'nt's others who have....I would like to conclude with something my mother said to me when I discussed this with her.A Simple 5 letter Sentence


  1. hmmmmmm I think d corporate world will be worse...

    lets see... I plan to takeit by storm
    wat say accomanying me?


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