Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Perks Of Success

A Lonely and a lost Soul
Wandering around the college Corridor
Nobody seems to give him a stare
He too does not ask for more.

Suddenly Success comes knocking
Virtually out of no where
The Eyeballs all of a sudden increase
Now most of them seem to care.

Some appear lost and confused
But majority want to Celebrate
For one's outstanding Success
Which they would have themselves craved.

The Handshakes also Increase
And Respect goes to an all time high
Some take it very Sportingly
Some have an Emotional Cry.

They all say in Unison
Mooh Meetha ho jaye
You have done us all proud son
Jo hum kabhi naa kar paye.

I am Enjoying these Perks Of Success
But My feet are on the ground
As You never know,when Failure Comes Calling
And takes away your shining Crown.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Bro... quite an impressive little poem really. your words of wisdom and prudence just go on to show that you are well prepared for what lies ahead in life.
    good going. keep it up.


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