Friday, March 21, 2008

The Holi Past and The Unhol(y) Present ???

Holi is round the corner. Rather it's Holi today...but there is not much noise as it's supposed to be a "Choti Holi".As I type this I see from my window a bunch of kids throwing plastics filled with water at each other. I can see a kid throwing, aiming plastics with all his might and then quickly running in the opposite direction fearing a backlash from his friend who he attacked just a second earlier. Seeing them have fun, I dwell, down past memory lane at my "Holi" Days and the ordeals that came with it.

The Night before Holi, we and my Grand mum ... yes my grandmother too :P used to make water balloons for us.... we used to give her a helping hand in making around 50-100 water baloons.And 10 years ago there used to be no plastics used ....Water balloons were the need of the day :P.These water balloons were then stocked inside a Bucket Full of water and kept inside the bathroom.

The Holi morning arrived and around 7.30 - 8.00, the Bucket was dragged in our balcony and then the fun used to start .Any Tress-passerby was a victim of our balloon attack: either used to hit his head or it used to fall ahead or behind of him. The instant Reaction was to look up and see who hit him .We obviously used to hide away from the man. This thing Continued up till 9 in the morning.

It was then time to go down and play holi with Friends inside the society. In my one hand there used to be a plastic Bag full of Water Balloons and in another, there used to be colours or Gulal.It used to be the same with my friends ...except that they brought some chemical stuffs with Gulal and all. As soon they used to see me they used to Run Behind me to make me a "Holi" Mess. To Burst Atleast 2-3 Baloons on me.Whereever they could was all they wanted. On one of such occasions my balloons would just refuse to burst...So one of my friends would just stop in front of me and say ...Chal abb maar!!! :P...It was so Juvenile during Childhood that you laugh now thinking about it.

The Fun used to continue for around 3-4 hours up till 1 in the afternoon. Mom used to shout from the Balcony but we obviously wanted to have more fun: D

Holi they say now-a days has become dangerous and all and some are even calling for its Ban. Well for me it's all about the mind-set. If you are going to tell these kids who are now playing in my society ... they are all going to give a damn!!! ..These guys just want to have loads of fun.Holi should be taken in the right Spirit and not be reduced to some kind of moral policing.Yess I know that there are many people who have lost their eye sights and many other things because of some idiots who have an "Holi Excuse”. But the thing to remember is that these guys aren’t playing holi that time. They just indulge in what I would call as a "Naughty Activity/Excuse" which should be banned for sure. Ban those sought of Activities.Yess...But let the Spirit of Holi Prevail and no kind of Ban will help in either stopping those idiots or for that matter those kids playing holi right now in my society. As they say..... Buraa Naa Manoo......HOLI HAIN!!!!!!!!

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