Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Different Phases of Life

I have heard different people saying things like "This a very Bad Phase that I am going through" or vice versa.I never have quite understood what they actually meant.But in these past 7 or 8 days it has completely dawned upon me.It is actually said when one person gets loads of failures or loads of success at one time.When he/she gets more than what he asked for or more than what he/she actually deserved.

These last Seven Days infact the last 30 days have been absolutely crazy.Phone gets stolen in a bus,I Get Calls From Acquintances,A Renowned M.N.C recruits me,I throw a Party,500 rupees goes out of my Pocket,And now to Top everything....I get a 62 % in semester 5 and am possibly in the TOP 5 of my class which I never could have possibly thought :P...Don't know about a good phase but Gee's if there would have been a term coined as "A Mad Phase" Mine would have been it :P

This has to be my greatest ever phase in my life but I must also remember that there is a bad phase in store for me somewhere in the future.It's not that I have'nt seen a bad phase.I have seen my brother go through one terrible bad phase.He though came out of that and how !!! It's really the bad phases in your life that test your character,how good are u as a person and how well you can cope with the failures in your life.Having said that though A Good phase does not mean that you fly in the 7'th Heaven and be in Cloud no :9.Good phase comes to remind you two things

1.It tells you,Look son I have Come to give you happiness,JOY you always Craved for ,JOY that you probably deserve,C'mon Son Keep it up and
2.It also reminds you, Son enjoy this till it lasts because failure seems to be around the corner,haunting around you,Ready to pounce whenever you put one wrong foot.

So all you people Craving for some Success,Some Joy in Life should all hold fort.There will be several such occasions where Success will come Calling.There are going to be Constant Failures along the way that will Continue to Haunt you,make you cry,but if you try and have some Faith in which ever holy Force you believe in, Success won't be Far Away


  1. I love that!! Awesome writeup!

  2. What you said is so normal yet so few people dwell on it!!!

    Keep up the good work!! :)

  3. yeh!very tru...evry hrt holds dat,nd u r up dere describin da biggie fact in such simpl words..wondrfl yaar..
    kip dis spirit sparkling...:)


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