Sunday, March 30, 2008

huh !! Weird ....

I was busy writing assignments in college which is one of the most boring things in Engineering.It could be "the most boring thing" in engineering but that's for the "Intelluctuals" to debate on .I had run out of assignment pages as usual and needed some help and who better to help than the "punctual" girls in our class :P.So I asked my classmate to just ask for some assignment pages from one of my "girl friends".To my surprise ,he asks me...kya naam hain uska?? !!! you don't know her name ???...He then replied ...Mujhe kissi ka bhi naam nahin pataa ....!!!
Now I know most of them may not be as "modern" and beautiful as you want them to be :P but atleast you should have some amount of knowhow about some of them:P.Hearing him I recalled a similar conversation I had with my Tuition mate while coming home from class.He said while signing on the attendence sheet he just checked all the "female names" in the list :P and found out that he did'nt know half of them .....
I wonder what's that down to ....Guyzz not interested in average looking girls or is it the case with most of the heterosexual men of the 21'st century ....hmm ...Guess that's also for the "intellectuals" to debate on :D


  1. I'm very liberal. I refuse to remember the names of boys AND girl, goodlooking and not, equally. :)

  2. It is the height of indifference actually!!


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