Monday, October 13, 2008

Wtf !!!

Has it ever happened with you that in a given Situation you have felt completely helpless and made to feel like an idiot? It kind of happens with me all the time, most of the time indirectly, but when people mock and ridicule you in your face, you begin to think. Hang on! Am I losing it or have I completely lost it?

What Happened?

It’s the festive season now, Rather it’s almost over. So I call up my friend to give my greetings.Strangely,I don’t know how much balance I have in my cell. So I end up calling 4 people and the end of it see a Rupee left...Wtf!!! Anyways I rush to a nearby “Uncle” to get my refilling done. Now I normally don’t use Scratch Cards, I tell the guy to do it using his phone. Here are some Snippets of our Conversation.

Uncle: Number Kya hain?
Uncle: Sure?
Me: umm... (It was new bpl gang card) Haan Uncle Wahin honaa Chayiye….
Uncle: Huh!! Sure??
Me:Arre Haan Uncle Jaldi Bhar do!!!
Uncle: Okk… *does it and waits*
Me:F*… Nahin aaya Uncle Abhi Tak….
Uncle: Wahin number hain naa?
Me:Huh!! Check Karo naa Uncle ….And so I call up his Number …

10 people around me burst up laughing..…Last ka digit galat hain …Gayaaa… *Muhahaha*…

* Wtf!! Wtf!! I had made somebody else’s day …*

Uncle: Usko lagega Festive Offer kuch milaa hain usse *Muhahaha*

*Wtf !!!*

Then I go on to ask the most Silliest Question ever…

Me:Uncle, Yeh 50 rupees bharnaa padegaa abhi??
Uncle: Duh!! * Muhahaha*

I will use scratch cards from now on ….Damn!!!
I am sure everybody has his/her number etched in their heads but incase you don’t make sure you do as you never know: P
Listening to a song which goes well with this Post:

Ab kya karenge bhaiyye

Ab kahan jaayenge bhaiyye

Kuchh toh karenge naa

Sayaane hai janaab

Toh kar lije hisaab ...Felt like Anupam kher of khosla ka Ghosla in that Situation :(


  1. :D

    My number's so simple, this couldn't happen to me. :P

    But well, I do admit I have on a couple of occasions received "free" recharges. :D

    Well, as they say, "Shit Happens"

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  3. well i've had my share of stupid situations man! I mean really stupid!!

    i'm so careful with my number making sure no one gets the recharge but me hehe

    guess it was that recipient's lucky day after all :)

  4. Get the card. It's safer. I do too! :)
    BTW, nice blog. :D

  5. @ Alok

    welcome to my page ...
    And yeah Damn Right "Shit Happens"

    Yeah it was his damn lucky day ...
    Stupid toh I was :( :(

    Thanxs for the Visit...
    I'll get the card ...don't ya worry :D

  6. how thick r u?
    does ur own number not penetrate ur head?

    and if u still care abt wht ppl think abt ur smartness, u r the dumbest being there is.

    see, learn, use the phone to phone.
    its easier, faster and convinient.
    plus, outta stn, u HAVE 2 use phone 2 phone.

  7. Phone to phone is the best option. [Of course if you remember your number, which in your case was not the case *lol*]

    Though I remember my number I never have to tell it during refilling, my bro does it for me through his cell :)


  8. Ohh.. sad. But don't worry, though. What goes around comes around. You know.. the theory of karma. :)

  9. lol ive forgotten my number a LOT of times..landed up in plenty of embarraasing situatons..nothin like this though.. :D

  10. hehe funny though

    i know my number

    atleast its easy to remember yaar

    but yeah it happens sometimes

  11. Next time recharge karvane jaiyyo to mere se number le lena.. Thoda Festive offer hume bhi de do :) Hota hai.. I too do a lot of silly things at times.. Par phir khud par hansne ki mazza kuch aur hi hai :D

  12. Mujhe toh kuch bhi samajh nahi aaya.

  13. hey drifted by from writer's lounge

    hehe nice post..

    i know sometimes i call up my roomie and ask her to tell me my number..

    so now she's stored my number sayin me.. hehe it does come in handy.. never know when u get tongue tied.. lol

    and yes.. scratch cards are best way to top up :)

  14. hey anurag.. i tagged you
    check my page :)

  15. it hpnd wid me too. i was totally broke nd i recharged sm1 else's no. with 100 bucks... there should be an undo option with recharges :(

  16. ufff!!!
    You can always take others number and go ahead, help the poor! *me included in the list of poor*

  17. i had to pay 200.....blushes....

    same last digit..

    97------2 instead of 97------3

    good post..atleast im not alone..

  18. Agree with K,
    Get the card :)

    I like your blog, no really ! I do

  19. ohhh crap...sounds funny but must hv been damn pissing off for u..i can imagine...lotsa my friends hv messed it up like this :-(
    best part was..uncle 50 rs. dene padenge kya?


    will blogroll u :D

  20. @ Basically all

    Haan bhai ..Udalo mazaak jitna udanaa hain :D

    "Karya" hee kuch iss tarah ka kiya hain :(

    Thanxs for the blogroll...Me Blogrolled Again...yayyyy :D


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