Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tagged :)

I have been tagged by Stephen
Thanks for the tag dude
This is an interesting tag. I really got some interesting answers
And I have copied it here.

So I type the following in Google..
"Anurag needs"....
And here are the interesting 6 answers...

1. Anurag needs to get a grip on himself else this talented guy will lose it like his mentor RGV.
-I wish I was Anurag Kashyap ...loved his black Friday...but one thing makes sense. I need to get a grip on myself....

2. Anurag clearly understands the needs of today's US revenue cycle management
- I hope I did ...Could have bailed out U.S then of it's recent financial crisis :)

3. Anurag needs a friendly file system interface....
- No I don't....I like the word "friendly" though :)

4. Anurag needs to find a better way of monetizing the site
-Not the site..But something else ;)

5. Anurag needs help in maths and science as soon as possible
-I did that years back.Not anymore...and Thank god it's over :)

6. Anurag needs Prerna in his life as soon as possible to increase trp's
-baaah...that serial had ruined my life: D

I don't wanna tag anyone ...Whoever wants to do this is cordially invited :)

Listening to: Getting Jiggy with it -->Will Smith
Wonder Why that guy doesn't sing anymore :(


  1. interesting! though i don't know much about tags, i've been noticing them here and there quite often these days.

    last two points were amusing :)

  2. Haha!

    well done!!

    My fav 1 ws,
    monetizing the site? LOL!

    and I wonder how a K serial gave u a tough time?


  3. thnks for visiting.!!!!!

    nicely done tag....honestly the first thing that came to my mind was..anurag and

  4. super !
    my first visit here, and i like it :-)

  5. :) Awesome take! Loved the way you googled the needs...nice! ;)


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