Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tags Galore :)

I have been tagged again. This Time by Three people Express, Stephen and Simplyme They obviously feel I am the most Jobless Blogger Around .So they must have felt let’s tag him instead….O.k. I was kidding there ….See the Blog Title if you will.

On a more Serious Note though this is my 50’th Post * Bugle Bajao*.The first 35 posts received a total of Ahem… 3 or 4 Comments. But I was Naïve then, I didn’t know how this thing worked.
Coming back to the Tag, Now since Three People have tagged me on 2 different tags I intend to do it in one Post. Or-Else I’ll become a Tagger’s Delight which I don’t intend to be: P

Since Express tagged me first,So it’s her tag that goes first….
I had loads of fun doing this..Here it goes …….

I am: a not so regular guy:-P

I think: virtually all the time:-P

I know: I got my exams in a month and have a lot to study :(

I want: my engineering to get over as soon as possible: P

I have: got a new P.C now: D

I wish: I could always do the things my way.

I hate: Sleeping in the Afternoon which I end up doing

I miss: my childhood :(

I fear: Failure

I hear: the birds chirping early in the morning:-P

I smell: the pokadas of my aunty who lives downstairs: P

I crave: for some good food

I search: and then end up finding nothing. :-P

I wonder: if I will do this tag again:-D

I regret: not keeping in touch with people I used to know.

I love: gorging on lays

I ache: seeing my College Everyday :(

I was not: busy when this tag was made....

I am not: Ignorant

I cry: by rubbing my eyes: D

I believe: in hard work.

I dance: like crazy: D

I sing: when no one's around: D

I read: newspapers early in the morning

I don't always: argue

I fight: and end up loosing :(: P

I write: Anything that comes to mind

I win: people over * so I would think *

I lose: my valuables very easily

I never: say never, coz you never know:-P

I always: can be seen giggling without any damn reason: P

I confuse: with my Math Formulae :(

I listen: to my mum as mum knows best: P

I can usually be found: talking to myself

I am scared: of the future.

I need: a damn vacation!!

I am happy: when I see others happy :)

I imagine: The world to be a better place to live in.

I know,I have taken some of your Answers express…Just Shows how much alike we both think
: D

Tag Given to me by both Stephen And Mehreen

This Tag made me think a lot …After a lot of debates, nostalgia and hours of “CONFRONTATION” …I came up with this ……
1. Name five of your all time favorite movies.

1. Taare Zameen Par
2. Black Friday
3. Vertical Limit
4. The Matrix Trilogy
5. The Dark Knight

2.. Name one movie which you recommend as a "must see".

Taare Zameen Par and The Dark Knight …..One for Aamir and Another for Heath Ledger…

3. One and only one movie that you have seen many times.

Umm….Don‘t really Remember but probably D.D.L.J as it’s on the T.V most of the Time and also because it’s a damn good movie.

4. Which movie comes to your mind when I say funniest?
Hera Pheri

5. Which movie made you really emotional?

Has to be Taare …And Also a 90’s movie called Anjali ….. Hamari Pyaari Anjali.Ahh * Nostalgia*

6. Which movie series was as interesting as the first part?

Has to Be the Matrix

7. Which movie didn’t, according to you, live up to your expectations?

Ohh there are so many ….. Have to pick one…Phoonk and probably all the recent Ram Gopal Varma Flicks: D

8. Which movie surprised you?

Johhny Gaddar …..I am sucker for Suspense Flicks and this one had it all ……..

I tag all those who jumped out of their seats on seeing my answers..Go onn Do it !!!


  1. chor!
    kuch creativity nahi hai
    khudka dimakh laga nahi sakta!
    robbed me of my views
    isiliye main tujh jaise logoko apne blog pe allow nahi karti :-P

    btw, 2nd wala awesome tha.
    i dunno much abt movies,
    but iss baare mein hamare vichar sachchi milte hai :-D

  2. Wtf ...I didn't take all your answers ...Did I ???

  3. I liked the first tag yaar.. i was smiling all the way down :)

    you say you tag all???? Can moi do it?? i find it interesting

  4. @ Mehreen

    Neki Aur Pooch pooch ...Ofcourse girl You can do the tag ....

  5. nice tag..

    especially the first one.. yaaayy
    now can breath a sigh of relief.. phewww.. :)

  6. hey nice tag man

    when is viva starting from and have u started studies

  7. @ Ani

    Thanxs....Yeah The First Tag was good ..Wasn't it ...You can do it if you want to !!!

    @ Stephen

    Vivas starting from 4'th ...and yeah kinda started ...Start toh karna hee padegaa naa yaar :( :(

  8. //I never: say never, coz you never know:-P

    ..hehe this one was nice..hope u din tk it 4m shatabdi tho :P

    i love ur template btw :)

    ps: thanks 4 visiting my blog..n hv a happy diwali :)

  9. @ Disguise

    Thanxs :P

    @ Trinaa

    Yes I did take it from her ...but that just shows how alike we both think :P

    Thanxs for Visiting my Page and Happy Diwali to you too !!!

  10. this is a whole new thing for me

    the only 2 tags i knew were

    1. game
    2. clothes with labels that are too expensive for you

  11. Good! I love your creativity. Excellent posting!

    happy diwali for you and for your Family!

  12. @deluded

    Haha ..Kya Karen ...Karna Padhtaa hain ..Especially when you become Jobless... :P

    @David Santos

    Dude You came all the way from Portugal to my blog and commented...Now I don't know Portugese language but to that I have to

    *Gracias* :)

    Psst..I visited your page and you got 2500 odd comments :O ...
    *Damn* !! :P

  13. great collection of movies.. i did this tag a while back and it was fun too.. thanks for coming to my page.. u know one thing? i have blogrolled u..

  14. loved reading the tag... esp the frst one.. hilarious!! :)

  15. Congrats on your fiftieth! :D

    "The first 35 posts received a total of Ahem… 3 or 4 Comments"

    SAME HERE!! :D

    YEAAAAH!! well said!!:)

    and Johnny Gaddar?? One of the most badass flicks ever!! :D

    Scribblers Inc.

  17. @ Chriz
    Thanxs dude....Moi Blogrolled another time...Yayyy :D

    Yeah First one was nice wasn't it...You can do it if you wanna :P

    Thanxs :)
    Ohh well... guess we are kinda similar...but you got some 60 odd comments now :O....Damn!! :(

    @Scribblers Inc.
    Scribblers Inc. commenting on my Blog....I am Honoured...No Seriously mann ..Johny Gaddar surprised me dude ...Prolly not the best but it was a one Kicka** movie :)

  18. im stealing ur tag coz its really fun :D

    ur answers were actually cool... :D :P

  19. Hmm. Does this give some picture of the real Anurag....???

    I wud have loved the Joker character to fill the first tag. It would have been funny in its own way.....

  20. oh wow.

    ive been here.

    i knew it.



Go Onn ..... Do it !!!!!