Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Astrology Anyone?

I got my Vivas this week. Well it just started with my Project Presentation today.However, the real thing starts from tomorrow.

Now I am not an astrology follower but I like reading my weekly future. So, according to Bejan Daruwaala I would have an interesting week. Now half of his predictions were regarding finance and love life, both of which I don’t have: P But there was this line in his weekly column which intrigued me. It said

“Your Communication with others will be thrilling, disruptive and exhilarating
at the same time ".

Wow, Talk about giving thrilling, disruptive and exhilarating answers during viva time. Don’t know whether that’s supposed to be good or bad. But Vivas are normally fun.Damn it…I can’t wait. :D

I saw my exam time-table today and guess what it’s beginning on the 4’th of December and ending on the 14’th of January.Yeah…That’s University of Mumbai for you…
Anyways like other bloggers I too don’t intend to post anything.Got truck loads to study… DAMN!

Listening to Working Class Hero ->Green Day

As soon as your born they make you feel small
By giving you no time instead of it all
Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all
A working class hero is something to be.

Wish I had written these Lines ....It makes so much sense ...Doesn't it...Damn! :D


  1. i fell in love believing in astrology.. and it really hurt me

  2. Hi Anurag!

    Hmmm have to say, I find astrology very interesting. But yea, I don't believe in it.

    Best of luck for your Viva :) Hope you rock it :)

    Nice lyrics, will listen to that.

  3. best of luck for your papers Hero!! :D

    Scribblers Inc.

  4. @ Chriz
    yeah it does that to you sometimes ...

    @ Mehreen
    hi thr....Many of us don't..And thanxs for your wishes girl...

    @Scribbler's Inc.
    You are the real hero mann :P
    Thanxs dude :)

  5. oyei.. all the best!
    and please you guys...sab log ke exams hain..but don't quit blogger! I just came back from an exam..have another one due in 2 days..phir bhi I make time for blogging..and you do too okay!

    phir exams aur bhi mast honge! :)ye thi meri prediction :D :D

    Disruptive vivas?? LOL! bhagwan bachaye external ko! :D

  6. @ Bhai

    ohh Nahin "Bhai"...Hum ithhe hee hain :D
    Quote:bhagwan bachaye external ko! :D

    Rotfl on that line :D

  7. arrey dont believe in astrology!! when i was 12 they said d luv of my lyf is jus round d corner..! :P

    ohhhhh n all d best 4 ur exams! :D

  8. no.

    not all the best to you.

    all the best to me instead.

    you DONT need it as much as I do.

    also, some money

    and a credit card

  9. if youre not blogging then am I allowed to spam your comment box with meaningless comments?

  10. @ Trinna
    Thanxs :)
    And It just might have been around you know..It's just that you couldn't Spot him ;)

    Yeah Probably..Doc's do need a lotta luck :P...And Yeah go onn ...Who isn't Comment Hungry :D
    P.S:I don't like too many Spams

  11. yes..maybe he was that jerk who kept dropping all his food down his shirt front! :PPPPP

  12. i do read it..in my bad timezz or when the results are about to come (thats again a bad time duh !)

    nice blog :P

  13. hehe well well.. astrology.. hehe i cant seem to avoid it.. but oh well.. as long as its not completely leading me in to the dark am fine.. :P

    viva's are always fun.. well fun for us because we just answer what ever comes to our mind.. right or wrong.. and make sure the way we say it.. that the person questioning believe us.. so all the best for it.. well both exam and viva..

    i know u have longg schedule.. but am sure it will pass by in no time.. take care..

  14. @trinna

    Lol !


    So there are people around who do it! Damn!

    Looks Like you have been through the Viva Thingy Girl eh?..
    and ohh btw My Viva went reasonably well :)
    Thanxs for your Wishes!!

  15. the pic your have used is cool..so are the lyrics...

    and yeah..

    best of luck for your exams..vivas are cool neway...

  16. You read Bejaan??!! Doesn't the name itself say what the guy is like!! :P

    All the best for your vivas! And just because I have to rub it in, my exams end on the 29th!!!


    All the best for them!!!! :)

  17. @uddyalok

    hehe,Dude use goggle and u'll find Millions of better Pics than this :P
    Thanxs for your wishes!


    Bejan is not that bad you know...If you read him carefully he hardly writes anything negative :P

    Vivas are over and they went reasonably well :)

    And Yeah don't have to remind me I know :(

    Thanxs for the Wishes Girl And Wish you the same :)

  18. You love Vivas?

    BAAP RE :O

    All the best man!

  19. If I believe in astrology, then I may never get married. And I am still not. Now where does that leave me. To Believe or not to believe.

    Astrology is to Astronomy like a mad daughter to a good mother (moderation of some other quote). Senseless na like astrology

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  21. Please see:


  22. KOTHAYY!! Its been ages man! How have you been?

    Scribblers Inc.

  23. Hello,

    Do you, by any chance, happen to know who Secret Dubai (the blogger: secretdubai.blogspot.com) is?


  24. Where have you gone,man?
    Totally off blogger,eh?

  25. :D

    VIVA. You read my viva post. Why didn't you link me to yours?? :P

  26. Astrology...hmmm...
    for me it means looking at TOI in the morning n then forgetting all about it!!!Even if it looks good enough to remember...

    But yeah it looks like I am a typical Saggitarian...

    And about exams, well Nagpur and Mumbai Universities are sisters...


Go Onn ..... Do it !!!!!