Thursday, May 21, 2015

To do or not to? :)

A lot of people who are 1 or 2 years old in the IT Industry grapple with the question constantly worrying their looped up minds. Should I do a MBA or not? Should I continue in my current job? Is an Executive MBA worth it? Will giving up my salary for 2 years be worth it? I hate my current Job and I want to get out of it. What do I do? My parents are old or retired and I don’t have enough money. Will I be broke after my MBA? Will getting a job after MBA be much better than my current Job?

All the above questions plagued my mind 2 years ago. Nobody gave proper answers. It wasn’t as easy. Finally I took the plunge.

So, Do IT professional need to do an MBA?

The Answer to this is not that simple. It depends, as to what priorities you have in your life.

A lot of them get frustrated. And by mere getting frustrated, join the MBA Bandwagon. That may not necessarily be such a bad thing but it is important to know what one is getting into. Advice to such people would be think and think it over another time. Are You really cut out for it.

If you can't think enough, may be the below pointers might help :)  

Having completed 2 years of my MBA here are some answers.

When should you NOT do a MBA?

  •        Do you depend too much on Money from your Job? Are you content with the money your IT Firm pays you? If Yes, Do NOT do a MBA.
  •        Do you like what you are doing and see yourself as a mentor to junior techies by being an effective Team Lead or a Project Manager. Do NOT do a MBA.
  •        Most Importantly, You like being a techie. You like Coding. You like to be in a challenging environment of Codes and Software. Do NOT do a MBA.

When should you do a MBA?
  •        If you want to go beyond the world of Software and explore about what goes on behind a business strategically. Why is IT needed for them? Do a MBA.(though experience without a MBA will eventually teach you that.)
  •            If you want your salary to increase and you do not want to switch onto another company and want a break from your Job. Do a MBA.
  •       If money is not an issue and you can be well off by not working for a whole 2 years, do a MBA.
  •       If you think you do not have a future in Coding and it you cannot switch because you feel Coding is not your thing and you want to get out of that world and management is something you would want to do. Do a MBA  
  •           If you want to work for a Non-IT Firm and switch onto a different Industry, Do a MBA. (again one can without an MBA, but MBA just gives a different platform)
  • Most importantly, do a MBA if you can get into a GOOD College. Good College gives you two advantages.

-          A Reliable Brand name which means decent professors and better education.
-          A good Profile when you are placed and a head start with good money to boot.

So there you go, That’s my take. If it's not your thing it is NOT your thing. But if you want to genuinely give it a shot, then just go for it :)


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Go Onn ..... Do it !!!!!